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Torture Games

What are Torture Games?

The torture games are the games in which we will have to torture a person with artifacts or weapons that they will give us, this kind of games is not recommended for children under 8 years old since they can easily be disgusted among other things, if you are a sensitive person I recommend avoiding this type of games, torture games mostly contains blood and dismemberment of human body parts, most games will not have realistic graphics but will go more for the cartoon design, these games are to de-stress you from one day in which you had many things to do, these games are mostly about torturing a random person who will be chained to a table, while you are hurting you will collect coins which will give you more weapons to torture him and thus repeating an endless cycle , most of these games will be very violent.

Torture Games:

Torture Trollface: In this game we will have to torture the trollface taking revenge on all the times he made fun of us, in the trollface game he will be tied to the ends of the table so that we can get more weapons we will have to hit him with weapons or your fists, The more coins you collect, the more weapons you will unlock, such as a pistol, a knife, and many more things, the trollface will die, but we will not have to worry as we can revive it whenever we want, the game is very simple and very violent for what it is. perfect to get even when you have a bad day.
we will have a total of 12 weapons which we can unlock by playing on our computer, this game has the game objective system which will give us free KizKoins which
they will raise us in the Player Ranking.

Super Buddy Kick: in this game we will have to hit or mistreat a doll called Buddy with which we can buy many weapons and we will have to hurt the buddy until the life bar that will be above us is exhausted and so repeat until we have a amount of gold enough to buy a weapon which helped us eliminate Buddy without any problem and kill him faster, we can buy more weapons the more we hurt Buddy, the game has several sequels that improve aesthetics and animation weapons, bullets and deaths, in addition to putting micropayments within the game which will give advantages to the players who buy it, this kind of games became famous since it was supposedly very fun and entertaining to see how we could torture that doll , the game was a success for a short time in google play store in addition to putting advertising everywhere, the game was quickly among the most played on cell phones, this game is one of which does not contain realistic blood, but if it has animation of pain in the face of the character, all games contain the same mechanics of damaging the doll, buying weapons and returning to damage it with the new weapons, also if you get bored of it You can play other games with the same character but with different weapons, this game is very fun and is guaranteed to give you hours of fun.

Kick The Buddy: The game that started it all Kick The Buddy was the first game of the company and it was also the most successful since it was the first time that we could make a doll suffer, the game has blood like this which is also not so recommended for very young children, we could kill Buddy in any way, we could shoot him from a cannon, we can electrocute him in an electric chair, throw him down a toilet, intoxicate him by putting him inside a box, crushing him with a windmill, stretch it from its limbs, we can launch it from a catapult to catch fire, crush it with a truck among many other things, this is the game that has more ways to kill buddy.

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What are Torture Games?

Torture - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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