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GTA is an abbreviation of Grand Theft Auto which is a video game series created by David Jones and by brothers Sam and Dan Houser, it was originally developed by the Scottish company DMA Desing that later changed its name to Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto account the history of different criminals and even if they are several, for a reason the problems are always related to more characters as time passes in the game, first we can see several games based on the iconic GTA V which is a 2013 game in addition From being the 3 most purchased game in history so far, we can find several games based on the characters from GTA V, mostly from the character Trevor since this is usually everyone's favorite because of its black humor. The original games are not recommended for under 14 years.


Fastlaners: in this game we will be able to see in the menu a car which will be running quickly along an entire highway, then we will be able to activate or deactivate all the sounds and music of the game simply by pressing on the icon of these, once we have everything done we will have to press play to start playing, first we can see how our car that we saw in the menu will have to avoid various obstacles such as cars, trucks full of gasoline, missiles, etc. we will have to move with the directional arrows on our keyboard or with our mouse, we will have to avoid that our car crashes with the others either destroying them or dodging them, we can find cars that will launch laser bullets that will harm us and take away 1 heart, we will have 3 hearts in total so if they hit us 3 times our car will be destroyed and we will automatically lose the game, while we are driving we can see how our car will be launching automatically so you do not have to worry about shooting or the number of bullets since they are infinite, then we will have to face a Boss who will not be waiting at a precise moment in the level to destroy us, we will have to be quite skillful Since if we cannot beat the boss we will have to start the game from scratch, when we lose we will be able to see our level score in addition to the highest score obtained, first we will be able to see all the cars available for purchase if we press the store button, there will be In total 9 cars which you can unlock to play better, but these cars will cost tickets which you get by destroying other cars.

Mad Andreas Town Mafia Old Friends 2: in the menu we can see trevor of GTA V next to a truck which will have a custom design, then we can see all the settings of the game and we can change them to have a truly realistic experience, we can configure the sensitivity of the game to be able to handle the character well since we will have to manage the camera with our mouse and the character with WASD, we will be able to adjust the distance of the camera so that we can force the game to load less content and run it without problems, then we will have to press NEW GAME to start, first the loading screen will appear which will be the same as the menu, once the loading of the game is finished we can see a whole city completely clean while we can start to control Trevor, we can do various things in this incredible world, remember that there will also be NPCs that we can eliminate to test our weapons, then we will have to buy weapons and stealing cars to feel a quite fun experience, a famous game which is the improved sequel to Mad Andreas Town Old Friends game that you can also find in kiz10 completely free, the game will have some pretty decent animations as it will run with the graphics engine Unity.

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