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Geometry Dash is a platform game created in 2013 by the Swedish Robert Topala better known as RobTop and later developed by his independent company Rob Top Games, it was released on August 13, 2013 for mobile devices and on September 22, 2014 We could buy the game through the Steam platform, until now the game is officially only in the English language, in this category you can find several games of this style, although most will be mergers between platformer games and rhythmic games that we have to follow the rhythm of the game to be able to complete the level, we will be able to see many games for mobile devices since most of these games have more impact on mobile devices.


Geometry Rush: when starting the game we will be able to see in the menu in which we will be able to see several cubes which will be making an abstract design, we will be able to see several buttons which will help us to configure the game so that we can play comfortably, we will be able to deactivate or activate the sound and music of the game simply by pressing the sound button, if we click on the information button we can see the studio responsible for the development of this game, if we want to start playing we will simply have to press play, when we start the game we can see As we will be in the middle of a trap of thorns which will be locked up to the point of trying to eliminate us, we will have to click on the screen so that our triangle can move quickly to the safe area which will have the same color as this, we will have to think very hard. Well when we press our left click since doing so the blocks will start to move slower, we will have to calculate in which m omento advance to not miss the level, each time we advance we will be increasing our points, at the end of a level we can see what score we obtained in addition to our maximum score from another game, we can see in that same box a button of a trophy which will show us All the achievements made, the achievements will be to pass or complete a level, in total we will have 9 objectives which will be to pass the level 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45, a very fun game if you are looking for a frantic experience but at the same time a strategy game.

Geometrical Dash: when we start the game we can see that we will be able to choose which language we want for our game, once we choose our language we will be able to see the game menu, the background will only be a solid color and we will be able to deactivate or activate the music depending on our tastes, we can select our avatar with which we want to start playing, we will have a wide variety of avatars available to us but these will be blocked until we get the exact amount of coins, we can also change the design of our flying car so we can customize our character to our liking, if we press on information we can see how a poster will appear which will show us the tutorial to be able to play the game correctly, we will have to press on the screen with our left click or press SPACE to be able to jump, we will have to calculate very well when to jump since obstacles can eliminate us if we simply collide against them, we can hold SPACE to jump several times without stopping, or head up if you have the rocket equipped, we can find several mutators which will make it difficult for us to pass the level, a highly recommended game if you want to try a rhythm game and platform at the same time, completely free here at kiz10.

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