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Mahjong Games

Have a look at our collection of conventional style Mahjong games or Mahjong games with a subtle twist to add spice and improve your skills as the ultimate Mahjong master!
Get started with these brain-teasing classic tile-based games and outsmart your opponent or beat your high score. After its inception in the Qing dynasty in China and its spread to the western world in the 20th century, a tile-based game called Mahjong has become a favorite to spend time playing against friends and relatives. If you play games where you are pitted against your enemies or even yourself and can defeat them with skill, tactics and a degree of luck, then this is the ideal game for you!
When you play competitive mentally demanding games, you'll be excited to try out our Mahjong game names! There's nothing more rewarding than beating your enemies with nothing but your wit and tactics, making the right move to cause your opponent to make a mistake and win the game! Mahjong games are so much fun and our Mahjong titles cover every part of the genre; from standard 2-4 Mahjong games to unique Mahjong games with added twists. Below are three examples of mahjong games that you will find:

Mahjong is a traditional Chinese board game in which we will have to face 3 other players. Due to its great popularity, the game was exported to the world since 1920, previously it was called SHEET GAMES IN STRIPS since the tokens that were used in the game were made with cardboard, in the original version of Mahjong we had a total of 144 but that number can change depending on the type of set where the tiles are delivered, players have 13 tiles to start the game and by stealing a tile No. 14 we would win the game but the rules of the mojhang nowadays are a little different from those of its original version, the mojhang has gained enormous popularity in all of the Asian continent, in addition to which many countries consider it their traditional game, but did you know that there are various versions of mojhang such as the Japanese, the Korean version, the Philippine version or the Vietnamese version, in addition to the fact that in these countries it is a tradition that every festive act, food, business ends with a pa majhong game an extremely popular game which could be your favorite game, here in kiz10 you can play different versions of majhong so you don't have to worry about anything since you can find games in which you can play alone and not necessarily with 3 friends more.

MAHJONG CLASSIC: in this game we will play the classic version of majhong, when we start the game we will be able to see many tiles which will be randomly arranged, first we will have to guess the tiles which have the same design, that is to say that you will have to be very attentive to the design of these, our objective will be to find the pair of all these tiles so that we can complete the game in the shortest amount of time possible, then we will have several new styles remember that every time we finish a level the tiles will be restarted but will be put in a different one place, we will have to be very fast since we will have a time counter which will be marking the time which we are taking to complete the game, if a part is difficult for you or you can no longer see the pair of a chip you can always click on the icon of a light bulb to show you a clue of a pair that will be loose around there, that pair will turn purple so it will be very easy to see ngirlos of others, a game that requires too much concentration in addition to helping us to think with our heads, if you want to delete an action you did you can always click on the icon with an arrow pointing back, you can also activate or deactivate the sound of the game at your pleasure since sometimes the sound that you failed in the card combination is usually annoying, a game highly recommended if you want to try new experiences.

We hope you had fun and learned how to play majhong, remember that at kiz10 we always add new games every day so you will always have something new to try, we hope you have fun and don't forget to have fun here at kiz10.

Next, we've got Mahjong Classic. It is a classic mahjong game in which you can have hours of fun playing a famous game. Just align the tiles in pairs to clear the board, then repeat to achieve the high score. Second, we have Epic Mahjong Battles that follow the same rules as conventional Mahjong, but you can battle against other online players to see who has the upper hand and who is the strongest Mahjong match. Even, we've got Halloween link, which is a quirky-seasonal twist on the standard game in which you play all sorts of ghosts and ghouls to clear the screen. Perform this Halloween party game for a nice old scare in preparation for a holiday season.


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