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In this category we can find several games in which we will have to drive a very large vehicle which will need a lot of concentration since if we fall we would have to start again, once we are there we can start to see all the games available for the category, we will be able to see several games which will have 2D style in addition to being very cartoonish, most of these games will be based on the so popular truck which will be on different maps, if you want to populate and know what it would feel like to drive a truck this category will love.

RACING MONSTER TRUCKS: at the beginning of the game we will be able to see a loading screen in which we will be shown a truck trying to make a very big jump, once the loading screen is finished we will be able to see the menu which will have the same truck but this time without the silver edges, once there we can press the buttons which will help us start the game, first we will have to press the arrow pointing to the right, once there we can start playing, but before we can see some extra buttons in the menu , we can activate or deactivate the sound, if we press the information button we will be able to see the web page that created this project in addition to a totally cloudy sky as a background, once we see that we can close the tab, when we start we will have to choose in what level we want to start, we will see a map of a city while a hand will appear which will tell us that we have to click on a green helmet, once clicked there we can see contr which car we will compete in addition to being shown the prize if we win the race and how many meters we have to travel, when we are ready to run we will have to click on the flag, to move we will have to click on the accelerator to start moving our car, a Once we are there we can start running, once we press the accelerator we will see how the traffic light will appear which will indicate when we will have to start running, once the race has started press the gear lever which will be at the bottom of our view, if you fail a little in the movements of the lever we will lose speed and our enemy will overtake us you will have to be very fast since the minimum mistake we make could be a great advantage for the other vehicle, above we can see how much time is left to reach the Goal, if you see that the first line is filling up very fast, it may be better to accelerate, we hope you had fun and don't forget to have a good time in this amazing truck racing game.

ODDBODS MONSTER TRUCK: in this game based on the famous miniseries in which many friends will have several adventures together and we will be able to laugh out loud with them, once the loading screen is finished we will be able to see several oddbods driving their respective vehicles while a calm city will be seen in the background, each oddbod will have its own vehicle which we can control once in the menu we can configure the sound settings if we want to turn it off or have it to the maximum, once we have that configured we can press PLAY to start to play, first we will have to choose which map we want to start playing, if we are ours we will have the other maps unlocked until we can complete the previous maps, once we know this we will start, by pressing that level we will be able to see a screen which will show us the controls for the character, we will have to accelerate with X, to move we will have to use the directional arrows which is taran on our keyboard, once there we will click on CONFIRM to start playing, you will have to drive through a very designed path while we will be able to see our favorite oddbod in 2D, if you like this series you will love this game which is very elaborate

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