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Tower Defence Games

What are Tower defense games?

The tower defense games or Defend the tower are strategy style games in which we will have to defend or attack towers or castles to win and go to the next level, in this class of games you can buy coins or artifacts that will help us advance to that we can win more easily, this kind of games are mainly for mobile, but in kiz10 you can play it from your cell phone or computer, there are many tower defense style games which were very addictive in 2016 thanks to the Supercell company, since the games They created called Clash Royale and Clash Of Clans which were a tremendous success for the company. In addition to making the strategy and tower defense category famous, tower defense games were very popular in 2016, making more than 1 want to try this game wonder, currently those games are still in the playstore with updates from time to time.

Tower defense games:

Animal Defense: in this game we will have to help a raccoon defend his young from zombie animals which will come towards us trying to eat our young, we will have to defend ourselves with a slingshot that will have stones as ammunition and this will be infinite so that we do not have to worry about in the first level, we will be attacked by snails that will come slow so that we can adapt to the controls, but do not confide because these snails will come in waves so that it is not more difficult to kill everyone, from time to time they will appear in the horde some raccoons that will have more life than snails and will come towards us faster, when we have finished the level we could buy more weapons such as pistols, bows, shotguns, mini uzi and grenades, but these will have to be bought with gold which is obtained killing the zombie animals, to collect the gold simply drag your cursor over the gold to collect it, in the second horde everything will become more difficult since starting Even faster enemies will come with more life points, rabbits, owls and bears will be the ones that try to catch your children, to shoot simply point your mouse and then hold down so that the arrow has more power and goes further, also You can buy barriers that will help you delay enemies and thus be able to shoot more easily, each barrier will have its life points that will be marked in the bar above.

Crush The Tower: in this game also available for mobiles we will have to destroy blocks that will go down until we reach the princess who will be locked at the top of the tower, we can use our arrows with directional arrows to break the boxes that will go down Be careful while you break as in some places there will be traps or goblins waiting for you to attack you, if you hit yourself with one of these you will die and end the game, to prevent these things from damaging you, simply avoid them by advancing on the opposite side, although also You can improve certain parts of your armor such as the helmet, the chest and the hammer which will give us Power Ups so that it is easier for us to advance without dying, in this game we will have to rescue more princesses who will be far above us and each will always be in a different section, we can also buy Power Ups which will help us in many things, remember that there is also a barrier that will be up Yours, if that red barrier is emptied we will lose the game automatically and we will have to start from the beginning.
In this game we can also get free Kizkoins simply by pressing completing the objectives that are in front of us and thus go up in the ranking of world players, there will also be objectives within the game which will give us gold and many more things, the game is very addictive but at the same time very difficult so we will need to use our 5 senses to complete and rescue all the princesses, the game is available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android but in kiz10 you can also play it on computer what are you waiting for? rescue all the princesses to be the best knight.

Tower Defense Games on kiz10

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What are Tower Defence Games?

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