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Water Games

What are Water games?

Style games fall into this category as their story, gameplay, or characters have something to do with the water or the beach. Video games of this style are a bit new and one of the least played of this generation, but sometimes we can find ourselves with good games of well-known characters,
such as a well-known game from the cartoon company Cartoon network.

Best Water Games Games:

Water Sons: In this game created by Cartoon Network, Flashchazy Bitnest we will control Gumball and Darwin characters from the animated series (The Incredible World Of Gumball),
in which we will have to help them using the mouse to wet another neighbor of the city of elmore so that they are not so hot, the story is as follows:
One day Gumball wanted to do fun things all day but when he wakes up he realizes that it is hot outside that will not let him do anything, so Gumball with his brother Darwin will have to go throwing balloons at well-known characters in the series as: Tobias a boy who thinks he is the best even though he is very crying inside, Banana Joe a talkative banana with plastic eyes that does not stop making jokes with what happens to him in his day to day, Carmen a cactus girl who is Alan's girlfriend a balloon boy,
Carrie a ghost who likes unicorns and lives in a cemetery with her parents and other fanstasmas that hang around there and penny a peanut that is Gumball's platonic love
And she is the calmest girl in her class. Gumball will launch water balloons that we will control by moving the mouse and we will shoot using the left click, but we will also be able to control Darwin who will throw stones so that we can destroy some walls or activate levers to continue advancing on the levels.

UpillRush: in this game we will control a boy who is in a lifeguard race we will have to control a girl or a boy, while we will have to press the arrow keys,
to move forward or backward, while we must push other characters that we will meet out there in the middle of the race, we can also do stunts in mid-air,
We can buy new characters or new life jackets so you can customize your character, each time we can beat our record of points, while we advance we will find
different obstacles and in certain scenarios we will have to calculate well how we have to fall into the water since if you turn you will fall and lose the game, in total you have nine attempts to
that you can memorize what you are failing.

Water me please: when a watering can is sleeping on a farm the plants are drying up so we will have to help the plants to overcome some puzzles or riddles in order to warn
the watering can that wet them, this game is also included in the Puzzles category because we will have to slide pieces until we find a path where the water reaches us.
The game will give us clues on how we have to do it so that we can water our plant, slide the pieces so that you can find the right path, you can also use
objects to make the way easier.

Shark Hunter: In this game we will control a diver who has to kill sharks who want to kill their companions who want to investigate the sea, we will have a gun that will help us defend ourselves against sharks, we will be in a cage so that the sharks do not they do us a lot of damage, but also the sharks will lower your life, We will have to press left click so that we can shoot with our track and move the mouse so that we can see our surroundings, prevent the sharks from getting too close to your companions so that they will have their cages and eat them, in the game we will find different types of sharks and each time they will increase the number of sharks that appear to us,
You can see the location of the sharks using a compass in the corner of the screen, there you can also see your life, remember that you have to kill the sharks before time runs out.
to delete your mouse that will be on the screen press L.


❤️ What are the best Water Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. Water Me Please
  2. My Dolphin Show 8
  3. Oil Hunt Online

What are Water Games?

Water - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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