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What are Soccer Games categories?
Soccer Games are those games in which we will have to play as a soccer team, soccer is a team sport played between two sets of eleven players each and some referees that ensure that the rules are met without any fault , soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, since in the world it is usually practiced throughout the day, approximately 270 million people practice every day without fail, in some countries this sport is known as Soccer.
The duration of a match or match is normally 90min which will be divided into two parts of 45 min. In this category you will find games of this sport, whether simulators or games based on famous companies.

Best games in the Soccer Games category
Pill Soccer: the game will start with a nice background of a completely empty stadium which will have the title of the game while a bar begins to fill up so that we can play the game, once the loading screen is finished we will see a sign with letters which will say PLAY and a blue background, we will have to click to start, when we start the game it will take us to the main menu which will have two guys trying to grab a ball in the menu we can choose if we want to play two people or play a quick game in Solitaire, we can also turn off the music if it bothers us or we want to play quietly concentrating, once we start the game we will have to avoid that the enemy does not put the ball in our goal by jumping and moving all the time, the court will be very short and we will have To think very well where and when we want to go to finish off a failed goal of the enemy, the characters will be a little smaller than the goal, so if they put us in Above we may not have a chance to dodge the ball again, the game will last less than 2 minutes so if you are in a hurry or you have nothing to do and you have little time you can play a game, the game will match us with another player on Which will be controlled by the machine so we will have to be very careful since the machine will wait for us to get closer and miss a shot so that our bow is defenseless and thus can kick the balls without any problem. The game is also available in Devices Mobile, ipad, iphone and android.

Cartoon Network Penalty Power: The game will start by showing us the loading screen all dark with the official Cartoon Network logo while a line is filling, once the loading screen is finished, begin the game with a stadium and a background goal with characters from cartoon network series such as: Gumball, Pardo, Raven, Apple (apple and chive series) and Wonder Woman, once the game has started we will have to choose who will be the captain of our team, who will have to try to score the goals and we will also have to choose the goalkeeper who will have to prevent the captain of the other team from trying to put the ball in the goal, to kick the ball simply keep left click and direct the cursor where you want the ball to go, as a goalkeeper we will have to prevent the ball from entering so we will have to predict where the ball will go at all times, the characters we choose will have certain special dialogues with other characters from e other popular series, every time it is our turn there will be a clock which will mark how much time we have left to score a goal, remember that the enemy will also give your ball time if you shoot very softly, if you are a goalkeeper you will have to guess very quickly where the ball of your enemy is heading, the game is very fun and a good design of the classic characters of Cartoon Network so if you are a fan of some of these cartoons you can not miss it for anything in the world, the game is available for ipad, iphone and android mobile devices.

Soccer Games at kiz10
we have several games based on the famous sport Soccer to play more games like this just go to once on the main page of the page click on Categories and tags and then search for the category that is to your liking we hope you have fun here in ki10 and don't forget to smile.


What are Soccer Games?

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