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Ben 10 Run

Ben 10 Run

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Ben 10 Run
Do you like Ben 10 games? To whom not true in kiz10 we bring you this new game Ben 10 Run, a fun game where our character Ben 10 will move around the city on his skateboard to get there quickly to fight against evil.

In this game based on the famous Cartoon Network series (ben10) we will have to press the directional keys to move the protragonist, we will be able to collect various items and things like that that will help us collect more coins in the game, the coins that you collect they will be added to your score so collect all the coins you find, the game has decent graphics for you to have fun without having problems with the performance of the game, the game allows us to choose two characters, from time to time a magnet will appear At the bottom of the screen, fill it with coins so you can use it, when it is full, click on it so that the coins go towards you, a watch that if you fill it will put the time a little slower so that it does not hit you with something, you can choose two characters that will have their virtues each of them.

When an omnitrix falls from the sky into a meteorite, ben tennyson a normal 10-year-old boy finds this artifact without knowing the stories that awaited him, The series was very dear to children in Latin America and North America, after the omnitrix found many villains They will face him to get the secret of that artifact. The omnitrix is ??an extraterrestrial object which grants him the gift of becoming 10 different aliens from four arms, insectoid, beast, gray matter and many more.
But Ben will not be alone in his adventure, he will also be accompanied by his cousin Gwen Tennyson, a girl who on the outside seems to hate Ben but deep down loves him, later she would find a witchcraft book which would give her psychic powers and help Ben to fight the bad guys, his grandfather Max Tennyson a retired plumber
that he did not get along so well with his son (FATHER OF BEN) and that he always cares for his grandchildren by giving advice to helping them in fights, Max tennyson was not a simple plumber that job was an excuse for his real job which was to be an advocate for the land of any alien who tries to end the human race, his story is explained as the series progresses, different villains will appear to face Ben such as: Vilgax um extraterrestrial who wants to conquer planet earth, Kevin levin a boy who
He was a childhood friend of Ben but that friendship was broken turning into hatred towards each other, Kevin Levin after an accident with the omnitrix he becomes a mixture of the 10
Ben aliens and their omnitrix, Ben will have to face these and more villains who will stand in his way.

The game is quite addictive and with very good graphics being one of the best ben10 platform games, but if you want to try more games you can search BEN10 in SEARCH GAMES to find more games of this charismatic character here in kiz10.


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Published 27/05/2020


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