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In the PUZZLE GAMES category I can find games in which we can test all our knowledge on basic things such as: mathematics, physics, alphabet, etc. This category is ideal for learning something new from time to time since you can enjoy great 2D games, Most of these games will be made with the FLASH engine but you can find there some other realistic game or with decent graphics, the PUZZLE games will be games in which we will have to solve riddles or problems in order to advance in level and be able to help our protagonist, although you can also have fun with these games without having to concentrate.

SAVE THE GIRL: In this game we will see how a girl who works in a cafeteria will be happy in her day to day, once we are in the menu we will see many buttons like CONTINUE which means that we will start the game or we will continue where we are. we leave, then we can choose NEW START which will restart all levels to start again, once we are there we can see how many rays or amounts of opportunity we have at the top left, we can adjust the volume of the game which will have a tone happy of a great morning, once we start playing we can see how the waitress is kidnapped and we will have to help her choose the best escape options, when she is tied we will have to choose what we want to use, scissors or a lighter, then we will have What to choose with that we want to go out the door with an ax or a file, your choices will have a great impact on whether she can escape or not, so it will be better than decide well, after finishing that level they will give us a ray which will be the opportunities we have, each time we will have to spend a ray in order to advance to the next level, but if you make a mistake that ray will wear out and you will have to use a new one, If you like games in which you will have to help a specific character in different events, this game will enchant you.

WALK MASTER ONLINE: in this game we will start with an image in which we can see two sticks with shoes while we can see how watermelons will be on a very narrow path which we must pass without falling, when we press left click the left leg will move so we will have to calculate when to release the click so that our character does not fall, then we will have to move the leg with the same mechanics of holding down the left click so that we can advance slowly, the game has a very high difficulty if you are new, since there will be many things which we will not know how to control besides that we will always have to go slowly but fast at the same time, the game will ask you for a lot of concentration in addition to that we have to think about how much we will hold our next click the game will have a purple background which It will change color every time we try again, changing to other colors and putting a little more cuteness and style when playing, In the menu we will be able to choose which skins we want for our character. We will be able to have various styles of very nice shoes in addition to being from a well-known brand, we will also be able to see all the designs which will be blocked, but we will be able to unlock them by seeing completely free advertising.

Here we have several free PUZZLE games, if you want to play more games of this style, simply click on CATEGORIES AND TAGS and search for the category that you like, we have a large selection of completely free games for you here at kiz10.


What are Puzzle Games?

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