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Animal is a category where little and cute animals are the protagonist of the story. Our animal games cover from little penguins to angry sharks and fantasy nature environments to control those characters. Here kids can learn about animals meanwhile they have fun completing all challenges and missions. We have arcade games where you choose your animal and play fast rounds, simulations where you take care little animals,
build a farm and grow your pets and other types like action, where you control dangerous animals like sharks and eat everything in your path, destroy all the city and cause chaos and destruction in the planet. We collected more than 850 animal games like (Mr Bouncemaster) where you control a little penguin, flight at high speed and bounce ,with the help of other animals, to rescue the penguin princess. In this adventure
you travel around beautiful levels, collect coins and upgrade your launcher to reach new horizons. ( is a good choice if you are looking play a multiplayer with your friends. a game where you a small Baby Shark and help him survive in an ocean full of dangers, collect eggs to make your player grow and climb to the top of the leaderboards like in ( The Adam and Eve is a good collection of games
to interact with animals and great stories. We have all the collection like (Adam and Eve) where Adam need to find Eve and rescue in dangerous levels, (Adam and Eve 2) where you have to solve some puzzles that will test your intelligence while you would spend well, (Adam and Eve 3) with new puzzles and adventures, (Adam and Eve 4), (Adam and Eve 5), (Adam and Eve 6) and many other games.
Want to play some girl games? Help barbie to find the puppy and take car of it in (Barbie Puppy Rescue), explore and solve hundreds of challenging puzzles with adorable puppies and get the highest score in (Puppy Blast), run at full speed with while collecting chocolate cookies and dodging obstacles along the way, avoid crashing or falling into the void and try to get as far as possible in (Tom and Jerry: Chocolate Chase).
Our fantastic collection of animal games is a great choice to start your adventure on kiz10. Explore the vast ocean with the help of an immense shark and test your killer instincts as a great predator in (Megalodon), help little fox to run through all challenging puzzle levels in (Journey Fox) or reach the highest score you can in (Will Hero Online) where you control minecraft animals, jump and use weapons to complete all the levels. 
With so many great animal games to choose from, you will never get bored! Shrek, Mickey, Pikachu, Adam and Eve, Diddy Kong, Tomy and Jerry, Scooby Doo and many little animals are waiting for you. Hop your way to cross the busy traffic and help this cute rabbit in this hard travel in (Pet Hop). Enjoy all our games wherever you want in your computer, mobile device or any browser. Be the cool cat of the party and dance in the entire show in (Party Cat!) an
awesome kiz10 game for kids. Do you like Pokemon games?, then train your Pokemon, and travel around the world to get them all and be a good Pokemon master in (Pokemon Kaizo Emerald). Join thousands of players and enjoy the best experience with these Dinosaur Games (Dinosaurs Jurassic Survival World), (Jungle Dino Hunter), (Dragon City Destroyer), (Rio Rex) and (Dinogen). Also, we have many hunter games where you need to catch, capture or hunt some animals and monsters. 
Play our (Wild Animal Hunting) where you have to shoot many dangerous animals, collect money and upgrade your guns before they eat you, or (Classical Deer Sniper Hunting 2019) where you need to control the population by hunting the monsters and save the little animals from this predator)
We add new animal games every day, and the best all are free to play, so don't waste your time and play all your favorite games and more only on


What are Animal Games?

Animal - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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