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Car Tuning Games

Car tuning games are all the games about the car customization. Tuning is the process to improve a stock car to gain overall performance in that vehicle. The goal in this process is to achieve more speed, look,  more handling and different sound. The most important list in the vehicle tuning is the speed, the handling and the breaks to control that new speed. The most important thing to improve a vehicle is customized the engine to acquire more horsepower and more power, revs and also a boost from the original engine.  The next is the suspension to control that new power. With low suspensions the car is more close to the floor and is more easy to drive. The last part in the tuning system in the performance are the breaks to stop  more efficiently when you engine is boosted.
After all the performance tuning the next is the vehicle look adding new lights, new paint and more. On kiz10 we collected more than 15 games where you can tuning your favorite vehicles, upgrade the parts and drive at high speed like in the Fast and Furious Movies. Check our complete collection of tuning games from the older to the most recent. Let's start with (V8 Muscle Cars) a flash game where you have to race with your opponents, and drive as fast as you can. The next one is (Supercar Showdown) a 2d game with high quality graphics and game play that you can enjoy with your friends or against the CPU. You can choose many cars in (Sportscar Grand Prix), collect money and upgrade your vehicles, buy new engines, exhaust systems and tires to compete for the grand prix trophy. Join other players in the multiplayer mode and be the best
racer in this fantastic tuning game. Do you want high speed? Enjoy the new (Supra Racing Speed Turbo Drift) and challenge 4 friends with the new Toyota Supra 2020. Win the races and collect points to upgrade your turbo, intake or lights to reach the finish line before the other players. Choose between several cars, and push the pedal to the limit in this amazing and realistic game. Join thousands of players in (Car Tuning Simulator) a tuning simulator game where you have to build your car like a professional mechanic. You can replace everything in the car and start from the tires, engine, frame, brakes, gearbox, exhaust system, and feel free to customize anything you want with the cars of your dreams. Use the new parts and build the best machine to be the winner in the tuning competition. For those who want to drive cars like in GTA 5 open world
we have (Free City Drive). In this game you can drive through the city completely free, explore the streets in the open world system and discover a giant map full of roads. You can select your favorite car, modify the parts to improve the speed, color, and decals or add accessories such as bumpers, suspension to simulate the real life driving, and configure any car system. Play the two modes like Free drive or Race mode, and enjoy irregular tracks with moving objects to defeat your friends. Here you can turn into a great mechanic like in the Fast and Furious movies and race at fast speed with your tuning cars like in Need for speed. You can play with your friends or against the CPU in all your devices or web browsers, without install anything.   
Check out the new available free to play games like (Tuning Race Girls 2), (Ado Stunt Cars), (Car Eats Car 6), (Super Racing GT Drag Pro), (Maserati Gran Turismo), (Car Eats Car 2 Deluxe) or (Racing Movie Cars). Turn into a real machanic and learn about the vehicles without living your home. This is the best place for you! Upgrade realistic machines, defeat the other drivers and be the champion with all our games. We manually select the best racing games in the world and you always can get fun for free. Improve your vehicle, face different challenges and perform your best driving skills without let your home. This is the best place to play all your favorite games, we have a great community of players, kids, teenagers and many people that love games. Customize your favorite motor with your friends on!



What are Car Tuning Games?

Car Tuning - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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