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in this category we can find games in which we will have to hide or there are hidden objects which will help us to advance through the levels, in these games these will be games that will try to deceive us or better known as TROLLS which will be games in which we will have to be attentive at all times to certain events that may happen within the game, in this category you can find several games of your favorite characters from series and animated cartoons such as the incredible world of gumball among many other games, this category may contain more games one of the best known sagas for all TROLLFACE QUEST GAMES which have their own category in case you want to exclusively play these games, a very fun category which will make you have good fun times.

TROLLFACE QUEST USA ADVENTURE 2: once in the menu we can see a character who will be on top of a pile of books and things from the old era while holding a flag of the USA we can also see a lady of freedom which will be watching us and laughing while giving us a thumbs up, we can configure the game to play more comfortably simply by pressing the settings button, we can adjust if we want to deactivate or activate the sound of the game since this adjustment will always be activated, then we can see the name of the studio in charge of this game while we can see all the directors, who created the music for the game, among many others, once we see everything we can press OK to be able to see the version that We will be playing at the bottom, first we will have to press PLAY to start playing but if you already have this title, did you know that you can start from the last level you started if Simply pressing SELECT LEVEL, once we press PLAY we will be able to see all the available levels while we will be able to see all the characters that will appear in that level, we will be able to see several characters which will make a reference to real life people like: Donald Trump, Obama, Jhon Cena, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc, Kim Jong-un, once we are there we will have to select level 1 to start, we can see an ear which will make a clear reference to the president of the United States, on the level we can see a tablecloth which will say MAKE AMERICA TROLL AGAIN which is a parody of the iconic phrase of donal trump MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, to pass the level we will have to take the sun out of the clouds so that it burns the cob and so we can win the game, at the next level we will have to prevent the income funds of a company from growing so we will have to figure out for this to happen, a great game that surely took you plows more than one laugh.

Gumball Games: The Principals: at the start of the game we can see gumball and darwin posing on a desk and then we can see how several buttons will appear on the screen, we can enter the game settings so that we can play more comfortably, we can see the sound settings such as music and sound effects which will be activated by default, we will have to deactivate them by clicking on them if they bother you or if you want to focus on the game, we can also find a button which will allow us to erase the progress of our games so we can start from scratch, once we have finished adjusting everything we can return to the menu simply by pressing the Back To TItle button, if we press in the yearbook we will be able to see the entire history of all the elmore characters in addition to we will be able to know a little about elmore's teachers and stories, you will have to collect as many as possible to see his story of each character, once we play the story begins to tell, the story will be about how Gumball and Darwin discovered that the diploma of director brown was a lie, then we will take over the school for which we will put the Nicknames of Princi-PALS as mockery, after that we will have to listen to the problems of other people and choose what will be the most appropriate answer, we will have to decide very well what we will do since we will have 4 main sections which will be: Confidence, Students, Teachers, Money, if one of these sections is finished or emptied we will lose automatically, a very good game if you want to know more about the history of all the elmore characters.

We hope you have fun and don't forget that we always put new games on our home so that you always have something new to play, I hope to see you on another occasion and don't forget to smile.


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