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in this category we will have to help several girls to put on makeup to be presentable on such a special day, after that we will have several games with quite well-known characters such as Jasmine, Elsa, Ana, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, among many other Disney princesses but sometimes we will find games in which we will have to help everyone's favorite heroines like LadyBug, Wonder Woman among many others, if you like these beauty games this category you will love,

JASMINE FUN SKIN CARE: In this game we will start with a menu in which we can see Princess Jasmine getting ready while moving her hand to her face and winking at us, once seen, we will have to press START GAME to start the game, if you want to activate or deactivate the sound and music of the game you can do it from the menu by pressing the button of a musical note, once we have everything configured we can start playing, first we will have to select the level in which we want to start, yes we are new we will have to start from the first level which will show us Jasmine complaining that her face is very bad and that we have to fix it before she goes to a makeup competition, once she tells us this she will ask us for our help so We will have to help her, first she will ask us to be kind since we will have to be very delicate with her face, remember that there will be a time meter so we will have to do it very quickly in addition to very nice, once we have seen everything we can start first we will have to remove all the pimples carefully with the tool that will give us, after removing all the pimples, then she will pass us scissors with which we will have to cut all the chin hair that have, then we will have to clean all the marks of old make-up that he has on his face, then we will have to eliminate all the germs that are on his nose, then we will have to break his pimples with a laser gun to later see that he had some mosquitoes inside those pimples, so we will have to capture them to eliminate them, later we will see that it will have scars so we will apply a cream which will eliminate them, after that we can put the mask on so we can finish combing your hair, once we have done all that we will have finished the first level, so we will have to go to the second level in order to dress her for that with beauty course that he talked about so much, later we will have to dress her correctly and we will have to paint her face to make her look good at the costume party, then they will give us a final score which will tell us if we win the game or we have to start again , a very fun game if you like games in which you have to make up every detail.}

Kylie´s Favorite Car: in this game we will start with a girl who will be in front of a purple hut while looking at us, in the menu we can configure the sound, if we want to deactivate or activate it we simply have to click on the button which will have a note musical, to start playing simply we will have to press the play button, the story will be about that we will have to help Kylie to look good so she can present the car that she created, then we will have to help her fixing her face which It will be very dirty so we will have to grab a handkerchief and clean it, then we will have to fix her hair which will have several sheets in addition to being very dirty, then we will have to make up her face with all the available colors here you can do it to your liking already that you can put any color you want, then you will have to wash the car in addition to fixing the set for the show, grab all the things you find so you can take them to the to trash and then we will have to wash the car so that it is presentable the day of the show, if you like games in which we can control and change the colors of the characters this game will like you.

We have several makeup games as you can see so you will never have enough, also if you want to try new experiences you can go to our website Kiz10girls where you can find games of this style and much more, we hope you have fun and don't forget to have fun here at kiz10.



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