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in this category we will be able to find several games in which we will depend more on our abilities controlling the mouse, in these games you will have to demonstrate your abilities handling the mouse since there will be several games in the channels you will have to create a strategy to be able to win, without a doubt these games are best for people looking for a challenge or if they are bored since these games will not have a very easy difficulty, let's say, since we will have to think of a strategy to pass these levels since everyone will have their own mechanics some more complex than others, here you will find several games created with the GRAPHIC FLASH AND UNITY engine so you can run these games without any problem, in addition to all these games that you will find here in addition to all the games on the WEB page will be completely free so it is FREE! so you can not miss any of these incredible games, these games will also be found for mobile devices just looking for the name of these, once you know that this category is waiting for you there are many games which will be waiting for you to be played Choose the one you want and don't forget to visit more categories.

LINE COLOR 3D: in this game we will have to help a blue cube to reach the goal which will be very far from us, we will have to avoid large obstacles such as blades that will open and close all the time, each time we advance the things will get more complicated to the point where we will have to know when it stops and when not, in certain parts our cube will have to shoot off quickly since if it does not we would end up being crushed or cut by the blades on the map, this game has a great difficulty since it may seem like a simple game but its mechanics will make it one of the most difficult games in the world, we will have to keep clicking on the screen in order to move our block on the line in which we will be, We will have several obstacles in addition to the maps will change their model as we go forward sometimes we can touch maps in which we will have several very dangerous turns and curves and In others we will simply have to slide in a straight line to reach the goal, we will have to reach the goal without dying, so we will have to concentrate a lot in order to complete the level, we can also buy several skins for our cube, we can find several skins which will be very nice but at the same time very expensive so we will have to save to be able to buy that skins that we want, this game is available for mobile devices, iphone, and android.

BRAIN OUT ONLINE: In this game you will have to test your basic knowledge that you learned in school to be able to complete the levels, BRAIN OUT will ask you to focus as much as you can since their answers will be very intelligent so you will have to know How to answer the questions that this game will give you, think very well since one usually thinks that he is correct but in this game nothing is what it seems, we will have to know very well what to move and what not, first they will ask us simple things like WHICH IS THE BIGGEST, FIND THE DIFFERENT but through we are advancing things will be getting each time but to the point where we will have to think very well where to click, the game will give us total freedom to move the cursor where we want but If you feel that you cannot answer this question, you can always click on the key that will be above to give us a clue on how to pass the level, although it is recommended that you use this key to They are high since from level 50 upwards things will already be of another level so it will be better to save, if you like this kind of games remember that it is also available for ipad, iphone and android mobile devices.

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What are Mouse Skill Games?

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