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PIANO TILES is an arcade game, was created by HU WEN ZENG and was published by the Cheetah Mobile company, the objective of the game is to touch the black tiles without making any mistakes.
The game was published in August 2015, being an innovation for those times, in the game we will have to be very patient and attentive at the same time since we will have to pay attention that our finger does not collide with another place on our screen, the Game is mainly based on following the melody which will almost always be classical piano, in addition to that we can see great composers such as Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt, etc, this game is highly recommended for people who still enjoy the classics of the piano in addition to wanting to feel what it is to be able to play a piano.

PIANO TILES: in this incredible game we will be able to play various classical piano songs in addition to that we will be able to find classic songs from the 90s here, all the songs you like in a single game, when we open the game we can see how we will be directly in the title, Besides that we will be able to observe, in this game we will be able to choose several levels with which we will be able to have a lot of fun trying to pass them to us since this game will be very nice but deep down one of the most difficult games in history is kept since every time we choose new levels these levels will be much more complicated than the previous ones since these levels the keys will go down at a speed in which we can no longer reach it if we delay even 1 second, the levels will increase and increase, that is to say that the first levels are the easiest while the last will be the most difficult levels in all history, each time we complete the levels they will give us stars which will help us to obtain the best possible score, once a level is finished they will give us a number of stars which we will receive the more we advance in the level, when we finish a level we can go to the menu to try other songs the which you will surely love, the game is available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android, we can get diamonds which we can get by watching ads, with diamonds we can buy new levels which will help us to continue playing and never get bored, if you like piano games this game is sure to love.

BABY ANGELA PLAYING PIANO: when we start the game we can see how angela will be watching us while apparently playing the piano, once we have everything done we can put PLAY to start playing, when we give paly we can see how the game title will drop quickly and two buttons will appear which are NEXT AND MORE GAMES, we can control angela who will play the piano every time we press any keyboard key, if we have a microphone we can sing with angela so that the song we are writing is more beautiful , when we press a key we will hear a note from the piano which could be any note, if you want to compose a song that already exists you must search for the notes in your own way so that you can write the song you want, if you like the games in the which are you the musician this game is going to love.

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