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in this category we can find various games related to driving motorcycles or automobiles, here we will find several games in which we will have to help various stickman to go through various levels where we will have to win races, destroy enemies using cars or motorcycles, if you like games in which we will have to handle all possible vehicles very well, here there will be several very good sagas with the name RIDER in it, here you will find several sagas like: NEON RIDER we can also find SOLID RIDER 2, among many other sagas the which you are sure to love since you can always play them completely free.

NEON RIDER: in this game we will start with a loading screen which will show us all the letters of the title turning blue, once the loading screen is finished, in the menu we will find several buttons which will help us to play, to start the game we simply have to press the button where it says PLAY, once we can play several levels, if it is your first time in this game you will have to start from the first level to know the controls as well as having new mechanics that we have never seen , in order to play normally we have to move to the right, the game will have several path options where we will have to think, in the game we will control a car which will have to complete circuits which will make the trajectory a little more difficult, once finished a track we will have to go to the next level where you can continue playing, once we start the level we can see a minimap where we can see that we are missing in all or the map, this minimap can help us many times to know if we have to change color, once we see how the track turns into another color we must change color to the track color, once we change color we can see how we can advance in the line without any problem, in addition to having several very long jumps which will make our house very difficult, after you pass the obstacles we will be able to try new levels which will surely amuse us several times, the background of this game We will have a blue color tone which will go away every time we advance in the levels, when we have enough levels achieved, we will see the menu of the levels which will allow us to choose from which level we want to start, in addition to that if you want you can erase all your progress with the CLEAR SAVED DATA button once you finish all the levels, you can enjoy several worlds which will have even more unique tracks, this game go is made for lovers of 2D racing.

Free Riders Jumps: once we have loaded the game we can see how a stickman will be jumping from a ramp on his bike turning around, while in the background we will see how there will be stones and lots of things, once we enter the game we can see a tutorial which will show us all the controls to be able to handle the bicycle correctly, once we have understood all the controls we can start the game, our stickman will be with a bicycle and we will have to move to the right, we will be moving jumping different obstacles and jumping , we will have to calculate how we have to land carefully in order to earn the highest score you can, once you can beat your previous record you can try new game modes which will surely amuse you

here at kiz10 we have several games based on vehicle races, just go to then click on categories and tags and then search for the category you like, we have a great selection just for you, we hope you have fun and don't forget to pass it on good here on kiz10.


❤️ What are the best Rider Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. ATV destroyer
  2. Solid Rider 2

What are Rider Games?

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