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Strategy Games

What are strategy games?

In strategy games you will have to use everything you know to overcome the levels that will be advanced, strategy video games are mostly based on puzzles that are different as you advance in the world, a well-known example is the famous CHESS in which you have to move your pieces intelligently to be able to win the game without any problem, in addition to the fact that strategy games are available mostly on cell phones than computers, here at kiz 10 you can enjoy different titles that you find on your mobile device.

What does Strategy Games mean?
Strategy Games or strategy games in Spanish are games which we need to use our technical skills, concentration and other factors, strategy games are mostly card games or educational games, sometimes n these games we will control the captain or other important characters that deploy the troops in certain kinds of games, in these games we will mostly have to collect materials, coins, gems or other important things like minerals and so on, in 2012 the company known for its strategy games Supercell released one of the most Played from the Playstore and Appstore Besides being one of the most played games, it was also the one that promoted the idea of ??creating strategy games based on creating your own kingdom and collecting minerals.

Games from Category Strategy Games:
Math Ball: in this game we will control a red ball which must guess the correct number of a math question that the game will make us, the questions will be addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, for which we must add very well and quickly in our brain to be able to hit the correct number in addition to having to add in our head we will have a time counter which will be subtracted each time we press the wrong number, to move we must calculate very well the physics of the ball and the bounce between the walls, The game is made with the Unity graphic engine so we will have a bit of realism when it comes to moving with the ball, from time to time a barrier will appear which we will have to avoid to get to the number we want to go to, if you like the games to think about this game will be your favorite.

Parking Jam: in this game we will have to help some cars to get out of the parking lot without one colliding with the other, we will have to move the car in different movements, we will have to drag the cars to the place where you want them to go, we will have to help the cars touch the road so that they start to move on their own, in some cases there will be slightly bigger cars to which we must help, once all the cars have left the parking lot, the level will open, every time that we finish a level they will give us coins which will serve to record our record, a game in which you will have to think carefully about which car to drag and not.

Bottle Flip 3D: in this game we will have to control a bottle to reach the goal that will be at one end of the map, click on the screen to make the bottle jump but be careful as you will have to calculate many things, the objects may helping you or harming you depends on the mechanics of these, the game will ask for a lot of concentration when it comes to taking a leap so it will be better for you to think about your next move much earlier, the game is available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.

ReversiMania: in this game you have to calculate exactly where to put your chip since the player with the most chips on the board at the end of the movements will be the winner of the round, think carefully about where you have to click so that the game can be yours, the game will require a lot of concentration on our part, the numbers in the spaces indicate how many chips you will take from your side, you can capture horizontally and vertically no matter the mode, you can also play against the machine but be careful as this will have an advanced level of Difficulty. The game is available for mobile devices, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Emoji Glass: in this game we will have to draw a path for the emojis to reach the glass and be happy, we will have to control with our mouse the path of the emojis, remember that the lines you draw once the left click is released will fall, for which You must use your intelligence to know where you can grab that line, the game has a fairly high level of difficulty since up to the first level it will be a little difficult, but there is no doubt that you can overcome that level if you think Enough, the game is available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.

Strategy Games at kiz10
if you want to play more strategy games just go to click on Categories and tags and search for Strategy Games we hope you have fun here on kiz10 and don't forget to smile.

What makes a video game a strategy game?

Strategy video games stand out in that we have to use our skills in the game to overcome it, mostly strategy games are multiplayer, since it did not feel the same to fight against the machine, the characters in strategy video games will be well thought out so that each one does the opposite to the other, in normal video games this does not happen since there are will depend on how much we improve our character, while in strategy games a false move could mean defeat or victory.

History of strategy video games

Strategy video games were not like today, before you had to start from scratch, as in those times there were few interesting strategy games, until in 1998 the revolutionary Blizzard Entertainment company generated this with its famous video game called Starcraft a game in The one that we had to start our base from scratch so that we could create our army and thus attack the enemy base. This game would be the point at which several companies would release games with similar themes, and thus this kind of strategy game would be popular.

The best strategy games

1.Starcraft (SAGA): The Blizzard entertainment company would become very famous for creating one of the most beloved sagas by fans, Starcraft revolutionized everything we had seen so far, with a multiplayer mode that we all loved, to To be able to challenge our friends or unknown players in other parts of the world. In the game we control 3 species:
The Protoss an ancient psychic race.
The Terran the human race that had weapons and machines to counteract the attacks of the enemies.
The alien Zerg that can regenerate body parts, their enemies mostly from the Terran, were created by the Xel'Naga.

2.Age of Empires 2: The game that conquered everyone,
a game set in the middle ages in which we had to rebuild our town that was destroyed and defend ourselves from enemy troops that came to attack us. the game was a fairly accepted
by all since it had different launch versions, each one came with a special feature such as graphics improvements, updates, etc.

3.Plants vs Zombies: Everyone's childhood game, in this game we had to prevent zombies from entering our house by putting plants that would defend us by attacking zombies,
each plant had its way of attacking and its characteristics, each plant could be benefited or harmed depending on the environment we were in, it also depended on how you would plant your plants
since an accident when placing a plant could mean that you lost the game.

4.League Of Legends: The most played strategy game, League Of Legends has a hero system which could choose us and improve our first hero, to continue unlocking heroes
we have to complete objectives and so we can claim a new hero, we can also pay real money to buy riotpoints to unlock everything you want.
The Game is a 6vs6 MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) in which we had to destroy the pillars of the enemies until we reached the NEXO, when we got there we will have to destroy the enemy nexus to win the game.

5.Clash Royale: The Supercell company took a break after the great success of their previous game called Clash of Clans, when the year 2016 arrived they announced their next game.
called Clash Royale, which was a card game that became very famous for its addictive gameplay and its COPAS system which allowed you to raise or lower your cups depending on whether you won
Or you lost, the game was the most played on Mobile Devices for a long time until the arrival of Free Fire which took its place from the most played game.

Strategy games on kiz10
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What are Strategy Games?

Strategy - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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