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Dinosaur Games

In this category you will learn about dinosaurs and play games to get the most possible fun. Most dinosaur games start with the Jurassic park movie saga. Jurassic park is a Movie saga created by Steven Spielberg in 1993 and tell the story of a team of scientists that find a way to bring the dinosaur to life again with the help of the trapped in a mosquito. With all the dinosaurs alive the millionaire John Hammond create a park for these animals and eventually this Dinosaurs escape from the installations and everything turn into a chaos. There are many Jurassic park movies and games. The most famous games are Jurassic World Evolution, Ark: Survival Evolved, Lego Jurassic World, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, Primal Carnage, Disney's Dinosaur, Jurassic World The game and more released for different gaming platforms and computers. On kiz10 we collected more than   
20 shooters that you can play in your computer or any mobile device. The first one in the list is (Dino Robot Battle Field) a 2d fighting arcade adventure with a giant robot ready to destroy each other with the most deadly weapons like missiles, bombs, and guns. The next game is (Dino Robot Terminator T Rex) in this game you have to prepare some strong warrior dinosaurs for a war. Build you Terminator machine and test your fighting skills against other robots. Next one is (Dino Survival) where you have to enter on a dinosaur world dominated by the most giant animals and survive from the waves of these reptiles with your weapons until the last level to survive and fight with the enemy boss. Destroy your city with a furious highly resistant robot dog in (Robot Dog City Simulator) and complete all your assigned objectives and use the jetpack to fly around your entire environment. Enjoy establishing chaos and      
shoot an incredible bazooka to inflict more damage in this amazing game. Be the first player to enjoy our exclusive Dinosaur games and destroy all the city in (T-Rex NY Online) an original kiz10 game with an action packed demolition gameplay. Destroy everything in your path, control huge and deadly robots and cause as much damage and destruction as possible to upgrade your guns. Join Kiz10 and play this free (Jungle Dino Hunter) game to kill dinosaurs in the most dangerous environments. Don't alert other creatures or you will have to run for your life. Explore the vast world with your sniper assault rifle and move around to capture the most rare dinosaurs in the world. Don't miss the sequel called (Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores) and enter a prehistoric  adventure where dinosaurs dominate the world and seek to eat everything that moves. This survival games
has more than 15 levels and different environments with full of vegetation and obstacles and be ready to run for your life in this stunning high quality 2d hunter adventure. The most recent Dinosaur game is (Dino Hunter: Killing Strand) an intense first person shooter with more than 30 levels, an arsenal of weapons and colorful 3D graphics. Complete all mission filled with action and be the best hunter of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Pteranodon and others. Do you want to play cartoon dinosaur games don't miss the next collection of (Blocky Dino Park: Raptor Attack), (Monsters Impact), (Adam and Eve GO), (The PowerPuff Girls Games: Panic in Townsville) or (Adam and Eve 7).    
Check out the new available free to play games like (Robot Lion Hero), (Baby Hazel Dinosaur Park), (Dinosaur Corps 2), (Dinosaur Land), (Dinosaur Slacking) or (Colorful dinosaur).Hunt the most dangerous animals with your guns and be a real hunter. If you like the prehistoric story this is the place for you! Destroy all the cities and make a chaos with giant robots. We manually select the best dinosaur games in the world and you always can get fun for free. Take your guns and run for your life from the velociraptos without let your home. This is the best place to play all your favorite games, we have a great community of players, kids, teenagers and many people that love games. Pick your favorite one online on!



What are Dinosaur Games?

Dinosaur - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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