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Halloween, also known as Halloween or Night of the Dead, is a modern celebration resulting from the syncretism caused by the cystianization of the Celtic origin end of summer party called samhain, celebrated internationally on the night of October 31, especially In the Anglosphere, like the United States and to a lesser extent in other places such as Spain and Latin America, despite belonging to the world of Anglo-Saxon, in Australia and New Zealand this event is not seen as a custom. In this category you can find several games which will be located on these dates or will have to do with halloween parties since these are usually very normal on October 31, here you can find games of all kinds, from games with characters from well-known series such as Ladybug, Ana, ETC in addition to other games which will have a skeleton design, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful categories.


Halloween Princess Makeover: when we start the game we can see how Ana will be dressed to go to a costume party while the titles of the game will release glitters, we will be able to see several buttons which will help us configure so that we can play comfortably, we can deactivate or activate the sound and music of the game simply by pressing on the icon of a musical note, then we can start to play we will simply have to press on the button below the titles, first we will have to cure Ana of all the illnesses that she has besides that We will have to clean it since it will be too dirty to go outside, when selecting the first level we can see how Ana will have her whole face scratched in addition to having certain very dirty or stained parts, we must remove all the hairs on her face with a clamp which will have a beetle shape, then we will have to burst all the grains that she will have on her face, then we will have to burst add a swelling which will be filled with a green liquid which later we will have to remove with a pipe which will take it to another side, then we will have to fix his face from the wounds he has, then put on the mask which will put it with a younger face, then we will have to make up his face that can look good for the party, we will have to use various accessories which will allow us to change different parts of the body such as the color of the eyes, the color of the lipstick, his eyebrows, etc, then we will have to dress her properly so that we can go well dressed to the party, then the game will tell us her opinion to be able to know if we look good or not, a very fun game if you like dress up games.

Bazooka And Monster: when starting the game we will be able to see a menu in which there will be some very dry trees in the background while the game title will be decorated by ghosts and other things, we will also be able to see several buttons which will help us to configure the game So that we can enjoy an incredible experience, first we will have to press on the megaphone speaking if we want to activate or deactivate the sounds of the game, once we give PLAY we can see all the levels which we will have to complete in order to complete the game, once we choose the first level we can see that we will be on a platform while we have a rocket launcher ready to shoot, then we will have to shoot the other monsters which will be still in the middle of more distant platforms, we will have to point with our click left so we can eliminate the other enemies, our objective will be to eliminate all the enemies who found They will enter different places, once we have eliminated them we will be able to see a panel in which we will be shown all the stars that we got, in addition to that we will be able to see the score obtained in that level, in the next level we will have to eliminate more enemies but this Once there will be a platform which will be going up and down which could harm our perfect shot so we will have to know when to shoot.
We hope you have fun and don't forget that you can play new categories which will have better games, for this simply open our category panel and look for the one that suits you best, I hope to see you on another occasion and don't forget to smile.


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