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in this category we can find games in which we will have to hunt or eliminate various animals which will be free trying to eliminate us, most of these games will be made with the Unity graphics engine so these games will have scenarios and 3D characters which will make you see to the game much more realistic, we can face many enemies such as dinosaurs, polar bears, bears, etc, but we can also find games in which our objective will be to hunt so we will have to know how to aim very well since we will have to hunt all the Possible animals, in hunting games we will mainly have to hunt deer which will be in the middle of the forest, we will be able to find games available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android totally free.


Dino Hunter: Killing Stand: in this 3D game we will be able to see 3 dinosaurs at rest which will be waiting for us to hit PLAY to start playing, the game will be created with the UNITY graphics engine so we will see the dinosaurs in designs 3D in addition to being very large, if we press the CONTROLS button we can see all the controls available to play this game comfortably, to shoot we will have to press our left click, to move your character use WASD, to run press Left Shift . to duck press Control, to jump press space, to use an object press F, to reload the weapon we have press R, to throw a grenade press G, to change cameras press C, for a melee attack press V and to pause the game simply press ESC or TAB, once we give NEW GAME we can choose between 3 maps which will have their own levels of difficulty, once we choose the map we will We have to start from level 1 to level 10 in order to finish the map we chose, when we start the level we can see a girl who will only have a machete to defend herself from the dinosaurs that will be stalking her throughout the level, but we will have To kill these dinosaurs in order to pass the level, in the first level we will simply have to face those dinosaurs with a machete but then they will give us a silenced pistol which will allow us to kill enemies from a farther distance, we will have to Be skillful when it comes to aiming since the dinosaurs when they see us or when they feel the bullet that we put in them will start to run towards us so we will have to kill them as fast as possible, in the next levels the objectives may vary such as in a nuvel we will have to collect the 3 eggs of the dinosaurs, we can also find new weapons such as a shotgun which will come in handy for us to be able to r eliminate all dinosaurs from close distances, a highly recommended game for people who like to feel the true adrenaline of eliminating dinosaurs.

Wild Bear Hunting: once we are in the menu we can see a bear attacking a person who will be trying to defend against the attack, then we can see the options menu which will allow us to configure the entire game to be able to play comfortably, first we will have to press in settings to see its settings, once in the game configuration we can see how the sounds and music of the game will be turned on so if this music bothers us we will simply have to click on to turn it off, then we can configure the graphics of the game so that we can enjoy a realistic experience to start playing we simply have to press play to be able to choose our level, once we have chosen our level we can choose in which environment we want to play, we can play in the desert environment or we can go to the snow, after choosing our environment we will have to choose which weapon we want to take to the hunt, we will have to think very well since each weapon will have its pros and cons so we will have to be very good at the time of choosing, once we have our weapon ready we will start to play, first we must press on play to show us all the objectives that we will have to complete, our first objective will be to eliminate 2 bears in less than 170 seconds so we will have to be very fast when it comes to eliminating the bears, once the world is generated we will have to quickly search for the bears which will be scattered throughout the map, a great game that will surely put you in the boots of a hunter.

We hope you have fun with all these hunting games that we have for you, do not forget that we always put new games at the beginning of our website so there will always be something new to play, I hope to see you on another occasion and do not forget to smile .


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