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monsters are hybrid beings which may have human elements, animals, etc. in addition to being mostly described as beings with normal size and supernatural joints, this term is reserved for those beings that inspire terror or disgust, knowing this you can give Account that most of the games in this category will be horror since we will have to face all those monsters only us, we will be able to find several well-known saga games like SLENDERMAN, SLENDRINA, AMNESIA, ETC some of these games could also be cartoons well known in which we will have to face the monsters that try to invade the city, so we will have to move from one place to another to save the earth, most of these games will be made with the UNITY graphics engine so We will have a more realistic experience than normal.

MONSTER IMPACT: in this game we will start with a menu screen in which we can see a being similar to a scorpion trying to annihilate a species of robot in the middle of a solitary planet similar to MARS, we will be able to select the language in which we want to play , we will have a total of 19 languages ??from SPANISH, ITALIAN, ENGLISH, FRNACES, JAPANESE, KOREAN, ARABIC among many others.
We can also deactivate or activate the sound of the game so that we can focus mainly on the game to which we can not fail, once we see that we can press the PLAY button, when we start the game we will start in the middle of a desert while a earth monster which will be waiting for us, we will come down from a big blue glow while the monster will do nothing, to attack the monster we will have to press left click on the screen many times in order to kill it, our goal will be to eliminate all monsters that are in that area there will be several monsters which will have their own life points while we will have to eliminate them by clicking the screen without stopping, once we have many monsters eliminated these will begin to drop coins which will help us buy power ups for our character and thus be able to kill all monsters faster, each time we eliminate a monster another autom Atically it will appear so we will never stop eliminating monsters so it will be better if you have a good resistance in hand, we will have several objects available in addition to improvements we will have more than 5 possible combinations so this is your time to show that you are the best, each time we eliminate monsters we will attack faster so this will become an infinite loop which we will have to win, shortly after making our first upgrade we will see a MINI BOSS which will be waiting for us ready to attack us, we will have a MINI BOSS every 10 levels so we will have to be cautious when attacking enemies, a very fun game if you like one-handed games.

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS .PANIC IN TOWNSVILLE: on the loading screen we will be able to see the super-gorgeous girls who will be taking out a bright trail with their respective color, then we will be able to see a thick yellow barrier which will be filling little by little, once the bar ends we can see a giant crab in the background destroying the city while the powerpuff girls will be in the air greeting us, once in the menu we can configure various game settings to play better, first we can activate or deactivate the sound of the game if This bothers us since in this game we will have to concentrate a lot to be able to overcome it, if we click on the information button we will be able to see how to control the superpowered girls while we are in the air, we will have to click on a point of the screen so that they advance where we click, once the mayor calls us to alert us about the enemy that is lashing the city we will have to go to fight r face to face against him, in certain parts of the map we will be able to see photos of the superpowered girls or photos of villains and we will have to decide if this is good or bad, once we have seen the tutorial that you expect to play and save the world, only you can help them to the city of santadilla.

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