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Max Steel Turbo 360

Max Steel Turbo 360

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Max Steel Turbo 360
Do you like Max Steel games? we have a new game Max Steel Turbo 360 the adventure comes again in a game to kiz10 totally free.

In this game we control Max Steel, a young extreme sports fan and a super agent, his parents died at a very young age, so he was adopted by his father's best friend, who owned an extreme sports articles company which it was actually a secret base known as N-Tek.
when max uses his power called Max Steel he has superhuman speed and strength, this power makes him capable of facing many enemies who want to destroy the earth
and he will have to defeat them the series is broadcast on Cartoon Network but ended in 2012 with his movie Max Steel Monster Alliance which would not be as successful as its creators
they expected but later they would announce the return of MAX Steel with a reboot that would premiere a few years later, IN the game we will have to prevent enemies from approaching us to harm us and avoid dying, we will have three weapons which will help us eliminate the monsters from a certain distance since each weapon will have its maximum distance, The fists will be at a short distance, the laser sword will be medium distance, and the particle cannon will be for long distances, we will have to press left click on the place where we want to aim while that the enemies will be moving away little by little, remember that each weapon has its recharge time: the fists are infinite so you do not have to worry about recharging, the laser sword will take a little time to recharge each shot and the particle cannon will take a long time In loading a shot, use the particle cannon only for urgent cases, the objective is to hold as long as you can by eliminating enemies to raise your score and break your record before erior.
We will have a bar that will tell us how much life we ??have left if this bar is emptied we will die and the level will be over, each time we kill an enemy they will give us a certain score depending on how far this was, if we do not eliminate the enemies they will come every Once more of them and so if we will be in trouble since it will be almost impossible to eliminate them all, you can eliminate their lightning attack if you attack the direction where the particle is heading.
in the game we will be in the middle and we will not be able to move we will only be able to attack enemies that will be 360 ??degrees around us and that is why the game has this title,
the game will be able to run without any problem on any computer so you won't have to worry about fluency.


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Published 29/05/2020


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