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Fighting Games

In this category we will be able to find several games in which we will have to face different enemies which will be waiting for us in a ring, we will be able to see several games in which we will have to help a character who will have to beat a villain who is probably trying destroy the world, we can discover various fighting styles in these games, we can give several kicks or deadly blows which will help us to advance through the levels, we will have to be very fast when it comes to eliminating the enemy since we will have a controller time which will rush us so we can pass and complete the levels quickly, first we will have to be very fast when it comes to fighting since our opponent will be trying to lower the entire life bar which if it were to end we would have to start from the beginning of this fight, we will be able to see that several games in this category will be executed with well-known emulators which will allow you to They will allow you to play various new and old titles.

When starting the game we can see a character which will only have eyes without an iris, we can see that he will have pink hair which will give him a very special touch, he will have a blue shirt with golden touches which will make him look much more beautiful than Normally after we can see the whole menu which will allow us to control various game settings, first we can choose which character we want to use since we will have only two characters to choose which will be LILIUM and a ninja with a black dress which will have a completely black clothing, first we can see that we can choose which weapons we want to use in our game, we will have a wide variety of weapons such as the best known rifle called SCAR, SHOTGUN, SNIPER, TEC9 each of them will have their advantages and disadvantages to When facing other opponents, we will have to press PLAY NOW to start looking for a game, once we have many people connected, once we If we have enough people looking for a game, we will be able to see how a map will be loaded on which we can walk as we like, to move the character we will simply have to use WASD, if you want to aim with your weapon sight, simply hold down the right click in order to have better precision when shooting, if we open the configuration we can configure various game settings such as its quality, the range of FOV we want, the sound of the game if we want it to be activated or deactivated, among many Other adjustments, our objective will be to eliminate the majority of enemies that we find on the map, which will have several closed segments or already with a very open space for SNIPERS, we will have to eliminate shooting all the enemies in parts of their body. remember that if you shoot the head you will do double damage so it is advisable to aim there, first you will have to focus on surviving since it is very common laugh at the beginning of these games, then we can see how we will have various objects which could help us to eliminate our opponents, the game will be made with the UNITY graphics engine so we will have a quite competitive experience and in addition to being addictive, always remember you can find this game completely free only for us.

when starting the game we can see a panda which will be in the middle of a roof with wooden bars while in the background we can see all the buildings in a city, we can change our skin which could give us a little more personality when it comes to play, then we can see how we will have to choose our player name with which all people can see us, first we can see that we will have several levels which we will have to unlock, if we are new we will start from level 1, to start we will simply have to press PLAY, once we start playing we can see that several people will be on a map which will have several places through which we can fall, we will have to press with our finger or mouse on the screen in order to move the character when we approach an enemy we will see how we will grab it and we can throw it simply by releasing our finger or the mouse from the screen, a quite fun game in which you have You will have to plan a strategy so that you can win all the levels.

We hope you had fun with all these games completely free, we will be able to see all the new games available in all the categories, remember that we will always be able to see all the new games at the beginning of the first row, don't forget that you can always play new games in addition to that you will have several games which will always be there for you to play with.


What are Fighting Games?

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