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Finn and Bones

Finn and Bones

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Finn and Bones
You must to help a Finn to rescue of Jake, he has been kidnapped by a fearsome and terrifying army of skeletons, you must to doit takes all to rescue him from the clutches of evil living bones.

Play Finn And Bones on kiz10 a new game in the Adventure Time series.

In this game created by the cartoon company Cartoon Network we will control Finn the human character from a television series called Adventure Time who will have to rescue his faithful friend Jake the dog from some evil skeletons.
The story is that one day Finn and Jake were in a desert with a lot of thirst so death appears
trying to trick Jake and Finn, he tells them to try a strange kind of water Finn at first does not want to try because it looks disgusting Jake is the only one who takes it.
After drinking it Jake goes into a trance and death takes him away.

Then Finn with the help of the bubble gum princess will go to hell in search of Jake the dog.
We will have to equip Finn with potions that we will find along the way mixing potions, elements, weapons and many more things in each level we will face skeletons that we will have to defeat.

If we lose, we can keep trying, repeating the level as many times as we want without limit of life.
But if a level is difficult for us, we can repeat the levels that we have already completed.

The bubblegum princess will give us advice in the middle of a fight when the situation becomes difficult to overcome a level.
In addition to that he will tell us certain enchantments so that we are stronger when it comes to fighting.
The enemies will change and increase as we advance in level.
We will meet different enemies from a normal skeleton to skeletons made of fire or ice.

We will meet several enemies that have unique characteristics that we will have to discover without being defeated.
The more you level up the more total life capacity you will have and the more difficult it will be for your enemies to eliminate you.

Mix The potions and elements that you get as loot at the end of a level with the Sword and your shield so that you have more advantage in certain levels where those weapons will give you an advantage
The game will increase its difficulty as you progress so you better save these potions extremely for urgent cases.
Remember that a smartly used potion can define victory or defeat.

There will also be events at certain times of the year where you can get special items to make it easier for you to pass the levels
Good game, good mechanics and a lot of fun, this game is highly recommended for those true fans of Adventure Time.


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Published 18/10/2014



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