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Here you can find several games in which we will have to control or pilot an airplane which will be in the middle of a fight or we will be practicing how to fly, once you enter the category we can see how there will be several games with well-known characters from animated cartoons, being mostly these of this generation, if you like games in which you can control a plane as you please do not forget to visit all the games in this category, once we have everything done we can start playing, in this category too There will be realistic games which will put us in the shoes of the pilots who drive light aircraft in their day to day, if you like this kind of games this category is for you.

PLAN INT HTE HOLE 3D: when we start playing a small plane which will be moving its propellers to be able to fly, once in the menu we will be able to choose the planes we want to fly which will be blocked and we will have to buy them with gold coins which we can collect As we advance in the game there we can configure our resolution in which we want the game to be displayed, if we want to put the game in full screen simply click on the enlargement icon to be able to put the game in another resolution, once that we have chosen our airplane we will be able to start playing by pressing START once we start the game we will be able to see how we will have to control an airplane which we will have to help an airplane to go through blocks which will always have a gap through which we can enter without No problem, afterwards we will have to continue controlling the plane so that we do not collide with other blocks, once we have several pu nt facts will become increasingly difficult for us since the time span from one block to another will be shorter so we will have to see where to turn in order to move even more, we will be able to fire several missiles which will destroy the blocks that are in front, but we will have to shoot several times in order to finally break the block, once we manage to pass several blocks we will see how they will begin to appear which will not take up much space but if we do not pay attention we could collide with one of these , the spikes will be red while the blocks will be blue, each time we continue to advance we will earn many points which we will be able to see above the whole game, once we have done everything we will be able to see how as we advance our speed will increase to the point in which will be almost impossible to pass without crashing, the game will require a lot of concentration so if you like these 3D world style games this game will love.

PAPER FLIGHT: once we are in the menu we will be able to see several paper planes flying throughout the city while many figures like an origami and a white paper plane will be on the ground, once we can control the menu we will be able to configure various options like the sound and effects of the game, then we can put PLAY to start playing, after pressing PLAY we will be shown a menu in which we will be shown the controls for all devices, as the game is available for both computers and devices mobiles will show us the controls for each one, after seeing all the controls we can start playing, first we will have to throw our paper plane as far as possible so that you can increase our speed, once we are up in the air we can increase our speed if we hold down our cursor while heading to the point where we are aiming, a fun game if you like games in which you can improve your characters over time.

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