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POKEMON is a franchise that started as an RPG video game which was too popular since it managed to be one of the best games in history as well as being one of the best-selling NINTENDO games, in the game we had to catch creatures called POKEMON the which were animals with certain changes which made them extremely adorable, once the game came out many were surprised to see that they could start an adventure around the world where we could be the heroes, as the game was so popular, it was quickly thought of a sequel which would come some time later, after the great success we would have several games with this style in addition to MERCHANDISE, A SERIES OF ANIME and among many other things, this franchise would be one of the best-selling NINTENDO besides being one of the best games in history, the game was happening for all nintendo consoles from NINTENDO 64 to the so recent NINTENDO SWITCH would be one of the best games for all these consoles, the video game saga is developed by the Japanese SOFTWARE programmer GAME FREAK, the game has characters created by SATOSHI TAJIRI for the toy company CREATURES INC, and in turn distributed by NINTENDO, the franchise celebrated its tenth anniversary On February 27, 2006, the production of video games, anime series and other material for distribution in the West was carried out in the US by 4KIDS ENTERTAIMENT until November 2005.

POKEMON MAGIKARP JUMP: In this game we will start with a water pokemon called magikarp which will wreck us in the middle of the ocean trying to swim while looking up with a very funny face, then we will see several buttons which will allow us to configure the game to our liking, if we click on the information button we will be able to see the credits of the website that created the game, if we click on the MUSIC signal we will be able to activate or deactivate the game's music so that we can focus only on the games, if we click on the expansion signal We can enlarge the image on the screen to play in full screen, at the beginning of the story we can see a parody of DOCTOR OAK which will tell us that MAGIKARP is one of the most powerful pokemon but that we never took it seriously, after that He will say that we underestimate it and that from now on we will see it in a different way, then he will tell us that pokemopn magikarp online is a relaxation game online ne, we will have to get our own magikarp and train him to get the best possible score, after that we can start our adventure and we will have to help him by collecting objects that will help him jump longer, CAN WE DEFEAT EVERYONE AND BE THE BEST? , after we must use a rod to be able to fish calmly, first we will have several fishing rods but we will only be able to use one completely free, we will have to capture our MAGIKARP using a mechanism in which we will have to press the button at the correct time, after To capture our magikarp we will have to train him so that we can make him stronger than a normal one, we will have objectives which we must meet in order to pass the level, first we will have to feed our magikarp so that it has power and higher resistance than the others, once that we finish training our pokemon we will have to face new opponents which we will have to face entar in a jumping race in which we will have to help our magikarp to jump as high as possible on platforms which will move from one side to the other so we will have to concentrate on this race to be able to win, if we fall pitifully we will have lost the race and we will have to change magikarp so we can improve with it.

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