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idle games are those games in which if we are not connected they will still continue to work, as an example of the so popular strategy game of the SUPERCELL company called Clash Of Clans in which we could build our own kingdom from scratch simply collecting gold and gems, this The game became popular because we had to improve all the buildings so that our village was the best of all the villages. Every time we improved something, a timer was set depending on the object we are improving, sometimes it could be very long and other times very short, games in this category will be games in which we will not necessarily have to be vigilant all the time.


Pooper Clciker: in this game we will have only one objective, click as many times as possible on top of a poop, we will have to click with our mouse every time possible on top of a poop which will be changing its face at all times, we will have to buy more power ups which will help us to get more poop, the objective of the game is to be able to contract all the possible services, since these will help us to get poop easily, when we start the game we will see that we will have 0 poop and everything will be unlocked, to simply unlock it we will have to get the amount of poop that indicates us remember the bigger the service the more expensive it is going to cost, but here is a good point every time we hire a new service we will be able to collect poop faster so that the more services we have active the more opportunities We have to win, but the most surprising thing is that it is not necessary that you are clicking all the time since the services that you hire This will help you and you can get poop simply by keeping your browser tab open, a very good game with pretty cute graphics.

Perfect Slices Online: in this game made with the UNITY graphics engine we will have to cut all the possible fruits so that we can, for that we will have to hold down our left click so that we can cut the fruits that are passing our way, we will have to have Be careful since in a moment we can find a metal troco which if we try to cut it will put us in shock and we will have to wait for our knife to react again, but not only that since every time we cut a fruit our multiplier of score will increase from 1 point to 1 point so we will have to cut all the fruit possible to fill that multiplier, the maximum multiplier we can have is X5, that means that our score will be multiplied by cutting the fruits by 5, but if we hit metal that multiplier will restart forcing us to cut several fruits again, the game is very simple but addictive since we will have to get the most c number of points before our tour ends.
once we finish a level we can see how confetti will appear while we can press a button which will take us to the next level, at the end of each level we will be expecting a cushion in which we can place our knife for the next game, after a couple of completed levels, we can see how saws will appear forcing us to stop from time to time since if we try to cut them they will break our knife in half so we will be unable to cut the fruits again, losing the level automatically, a quite fun game.

Piñata Hunter 4: in this game we will start with a great party of colors while a piñata will appear baliando in a rope, once in the menu we can configure various settings so that we can play more comfortably, first we can activate or deactivate the sound and music of the game simply by pressing the buttons that will appear at the top left, then we can start playing, the objective of the game will be that we will have to get all the possible sweets so that we can buy more things in the store, we will have to move our mouse and hit to the piñata so that we can grab all the sweets that this piñata will release so that I can buy improvements which will help us destroy the piñata faster.

Here at kiz10 we have several games that we will love, remember that we always add new games to our beginning so there will always be something new to try, I hope to see you on another occasion and do not forget to smile.


❤️ What are the best Idle Games to play on phones and tablets?

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  2. Voodoo Doll
  3. Perfect Slices Online
  4. Monsters Impact
  5. Drill the earth
  6. Z-Infect

What are Idle Games?

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