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the games of the category PHYSICS GAMES in this category you will find games in which we will have to use the physics in our favor to be able to pass a level or to win the whole game, mostly this kind of games will always be 2D style in which we will have to help to our main character to go through all the levels using a strategy or the mechanics that this game will have by progressing through the levels, most of these games tend to have a higher difficulty than that of any other category, so you spend a lot of time trying to overcome the levels finally we will be able to get many incredible prizes within the game, most of these games will always have a currency with which we can buy things, be it power ups, new objects, improvements for the objects that we already had among many other things, after all it would be the best try to save on this kind of games so you can buy what you want, the games are mostly based on agility and above all intelligence, but there may be cases in which we will simply need a little luck to pass the level, most of all the games will have a nice animation since they will be made with FLASH which is an engine that does not need So much power to run on computers, after all the important thing is that these games reach as many people as possible, if you like this kind of games in which you will have to use your brain to create a strategy, this category will suit you. love.

SANDBOX RAGDOLL: in this game we will start with an arrow showing us that we have to click in a specific place, once we do it we will be able to start controlling everything, in this game we will be able to control everything at our whim we will be able to place various objects which will have physical after of pressing the play button once we press the play button we will be able to see how our doll will try to move but it will fall since we did not put anything below it, first we will have to place a stick which will support the character so that it does not fall, After making this stick we can see how in the button from top to left we can choose various objects which we can modify to our liking, at first we will only see geometric shapes which simply serve to create mechanisms which could result in a pleasant and fun video, then we can see how we can choose speed accelerators which will move our character eo anything that is on top of it forward, after seeing that we can choose our first weapon which will be a pistol, remember that everything here has zero gravity so if we move the pistol a lot, it will start to wobble from side to side Another making it very difficult for us to put it back as it was before, after all that we can choose knives which will serve to stab the character we will have in the middle, after the knife we ??will return to the beginning of the objects where there was only one figure geometric which we could edit to our liking, if we click on the green button that will be right next to it we can create a line which we can use as a ground to create our mechanisms to support our character, after everything that happened we will have even more things which we can use to create our world, if we click on the purple button we can put together several objects at the same time so that each one can hold on to another, Then when we believe that everything is ready we can see our video by clicking on PLAY, once we see our video we simply have to leave the game but if you were not satisfied you can return everything to the way it was before by pressing REPLAY which will erase everything and we will return to As we start the game, we hope that this game amuses you and you can create more worlds.

TRICKY KICK: in this game we will have to control a ball which will try to reach the goal of the enemy team, whatever the cost, we will have to click the screen so that our ball moves from one side to the other, first we will have to avoid colliding against the walls so we can get to the point and score a goal, then objects will be implemented which will make our mission even more complex since we will have to avoid various people who will try to put their hands on us and stop us so that does not We will allow it, after all we will have an object in the arc which could prevent us from scoring a goal if we do not calculate well where and when to shoot, if you like agility games this game is for you.

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