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Due to the overwhelming popularity of Rainbow Friends Games after the release of the first chapter of this terrifying experience on Roblox on October 14th, developed by Fragment Games, we are pleased to announce that we have a complete category dedicated to them here for you, unblocked and free of charge.

In the opening chapter, a group of students visit the amusement park Odd World. After being abducted and locked up in a facility, where they had spend each night collecting stuff while avoiding the weird animals lurking about, things began to go berserk. Sure enough, they're the Rainbow Pals.

The game's initial antagonist, Blue, wears a crown and drools while scouring the maps for players.
Because of his blindness, Green traverses the map looking for players with his googly eyes, therefore it's best to stay out of sight if you can.
You can avoid the appearance of Orange, who has wiggle eyes and can be fed.
Since Purple only shows their hands, eyes, and teeth, their true appearance is unknown. Avoid the water, and he may be lurking in the vents.
Perhaps because he is the most human-like of them, Red is not hostile to the players but instead gives them tasks to complete. An enigma, to be sure.

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Through these games, you need to travel the facility, acquire objects, and avoid getting grabbed by the monsters stated earlier. Those who make it through each night are taken back to the safe room to rest and get ready for the next. Blocks, food packs, fuses, and batteries are among the most important materials to gather.

These are the essential gameplay details you needed to know regarding the primary series of games, which we will try to recreate here also, but know that the characters might also be featured in other series, such as FNF Games, where you get to have rhythm bouts against these characters.

This is just the start of our Rainbow Friends games section; be assured that we will be the first to let you know about any new releases in this genre, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly.


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