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Vex 4 Games

Play Vex games now, kiz10 has a collection of the best Vex games to play for free.

What are Vex games?

There is a saga of games on the internet called Vex these video games are stickman and platform style, but these games are not known for that reason no, these games are well known for their difficulty, which will make us sick just by trying the first level , this saga created by YEPI is one of the most played and therefore difficult counting four installments to date this saga deserves the best of the best for being one of the most difficult in platform games, but this does not end here , since their breaks are not the same, no, each delivery will have its own game mechanics which will decide if it is more or less difficult, the game has an incredible variety of mechanics that will help us or make it difficult to pass the levels, the saga de vex is in his fourth installment Vex 4 which has better animation in the stickman and in the ways of dying.

VexGames-style games
Vex2: in this game we return to that world made up of squares to suffer again, after accepting the previous title YEPI would deign to release another game, in this game we will see many new things, such as portals, saws that will move from above down, red scythes that will kill us as soon as we touch them, we can drown in water levels if we are not fast enough, we will have to move boxes to climb in them and keep moving forward, get keys to open boxes that prevent us from passing to win the nive and many other things, the game has a total of 10 levels that will test your patience, the game will require too much concentration when it comes to jumping and jumping on walls, shooting yourself through cannons, swinging on points that will act as barriers so you can move easily, ropes that will be tied to other places to make it easier to move from one side to another.
A good game that also falls into the category of platform games, in addition to the fact that this game would be better known than its previous installments.

Vex 4: The game that made us all go crazy, Vex 4 returns to make us hysterical, this game returns with better graphics than its previous titles, returning to the previous puzzles that we already saw in past games.
In addition to lazeres that will point us to shoot us, we can stay still to see with our mouse cursor the map so you can think about your next jump, remember that if you want to unlock the difficult version of each level you will have to obtain a gold medal, to obtain a gold medal you have to complete the level in a certain period of time, the game has the same controls as always, press the directional arrows to move the stickman around the stage, you must be careful because now many things can eliminate you, from the water even shurikens of ninjas that can fly away, motherboards that will have electricity that can electrocute us and if the water touches the water it will make it deadly,
There will be more obstacles than those, so we must be very attentive to our surroundings so that we die as few times as possible, you will have to capture the flag so that we can make a chekpoint or save point in Spanish so that when we die we start from there, we can jump from one wall to another if we press jump and point to the side we want to go, your character will be able to hold on the edges of some objects but not for long since it will get tired and loose, we will also have cannons that will shoot at us from one side to the other so that we can get to places further away, portals were added to transport ourselves when we enter it, the portals work by color, that is to say that if we enter a red portal we will go to the exit of a portal of the same color, Remember that the portals once used will be deactivated for a few moments.
The game will require a lot of patience and agility to complete it 100%, although there is also the normal mode for which we are looking for a challenge, it is a great game to play if you are bored.

Vex Games on Kiz10
We have all the Vex games in the vex 4 games category so you can enjoy this platform, remember that this game is also available for computers, mobile devices, androidipad and iphone


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