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in this category we will be able to find several games which will have cars on their covers since in these games we will have to help several vehicles to be able to park correctly, after all that we will be able to play even more games in which we will have to drive to a parking lot so to be able to stay without anyone bothering us there, most of the games that will be here will have 2D graphics which will give us a cartoon style so there is no need to worry if your computer will be able to run these games since most of these will be made with the FLASH engine which as it is old does not need a computer of this generation if you like games in which we can drive our own car so we can park in this category you will find several games with that theme.

PARK MASTER: in this game we will start with a car in which we can see how there will be a car in the middle of a road in which we will find several new objects, after all we will be able to see a car which will be without the front, after we can see a stone which could delay us in our mission to get the most comfortable parking in the world, once we give PLAY we can see the menu of levels in which they will show us all the levels available to play, as we are new it will only be unlocked the first level but we will be able to see even more levels which will be unlocked when we complete the previous level, once all this is done we can start at the first level, then we can see how our car will be in an established place so we will have to move even faster so we can get to the parking lot, after all this we will have to keep pressing our left click to create a road in which we will be able to drive the car to the end, after we have the line of our car done we will have to release the click to stop our car from moving along the line that we created only for it, mostly the levels will start with nothing since simply we will have to create our line to reach our goal, each time we pass a level we can continue to the next level, after all in this game you will have to think very carefully about all your movements.

DRAG RACING RIVALS: at the start of the game a woman will speak to us saying that this is our first time in the races and that she will help us with a test race, after all this we will have to press the race to continue in the race the races will be duels In the caules we will have to face another car on the street, in order to run we will have to pay a sum of money so that we can start playing, we will start with 800 dollars which will increase if we have several births won besides the games that We win, they will return even more money than normal, the girl warns us that we have to start well, so we will have to change gear at the ideal time, we will have to accelerate or decelerate depending on the case in which we are, after reading everything we can press ok so that, we will have to handle the mechanics very well to win the game, after everything that has happened and your actions you can win or lose the pa rtida, after all we can retry if we lost in order to win the level. after all this you can continue playing even more levels so that we can, we can play more levels after winning this game, if you like strategy games this game will going to love it.

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