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Scores And Achievements Games

What can I find in the Score And Achivements category?
In the Score And Archievemens category you will find games that will have objectives that you can complete to win Kizkoins completely free, these games will be strategy or platform type since in most cases it will be about collecting all the possible points in a game, if you want to win kizkoins simply complete the objectives which will be marked next to the game which will be in a box next to the screen of the game that is playing, once there you can see how much you will earn for completing the objectives, also if you look a little higher You can see the world scores of people who played this game simply click on Score or Ranking and you can see the names and profile photos of the best player scores, if you want to win Kizkoins for free this category is for you.

Top Games In Score And Achievements Category
Cuphead Rush: at the start of the game we will see how Cuphead and his brother Mugman appear on the screen as they prepare to fight with their magical powers, in the menu we can configure the sound to turn it off if we want to focus only on the game, once the game we will give the PLAY icon to start our adventure, once we play it we can choose a character, cuphead but as we go we can unlock more characters which will be unlocked with stars, what are the stars? the stars will act as game currency, we can buy things with them, in this case styles for our character, once we choose our character we can start playing, by pressing play we will see how Cuphead whoever we have chosen will start running without stopping towards On the left, we will have to jump and dodge various enemies who will be willing to kill us, to jump press left click to jump or perform a double jump, there will be enemies everywhere, from time to time platforms will appear which will help us move quickly without having to be in danger by the carnivorous plants that stalk our lives, we will have to be vigilant everywhere since the enemies could be planning a strategy for us so that we do not run anymore, so you will have to be very careful since a false step could mean victory defeat in this game, if you lose you will see a box which will say game over or be (End of Game) later you can see how much score you achieved, the stars you collected along the way, and you can see your best score from other games you have tried, if you want to try again just press the purple button with an arrow, but If you want to buy more things with the stars you collected you can go to the store by pressing on the blue shopping cart, once there you can buy any character you want just remember that you have to have the number of stars that he asks you, this game is A RUN-style platform game that will surely entertain us for hours.

Happy Hop 2 Online: in this fun cartoon game we will start with a menu in which we will be seeing a number of cats jumping from one side to another with different costumes, each one more beautiful than the previous one, at the bottom of everything there will be a path to lava which could tell us that there will be our destination in the final mission, we will find several buttons which will do different functions if we click on the button of a cat so we can see the skins store which will show us all the skins that we can buy collecting stars which will act as currency of the game, there will be several very nice skins but each time they will increase their price so we will have to be aware of that if we want to buy it, we can start playing turn off the sound and music of the game so that we can focus on the game without losing, if you want to start playing just press PLAY, once the game starts we will have to jump in clouds to get there every time z higher and thus be able to collect hearts which will help us to complete the mission even faster, we will have to look at which clouds will not rise since if we climb the wrong cloud we will have to start again since we will fall from a great height, If you lose you will have to start from the beginning in order to reach the top of everything, our goal will be to stay alive as our life runs out every time we go up, so we will have to collect the hearts which will be in some clouds so we will have to jump thinking about where hearts could come out, if you like games in which you have to be cautious and pay attention to the movement you make this game is undoubtedly the best, in addition to that if you complete missions they will give you free Kizkoins the which you can use to improve your profile.

Score And Archievements at kiz10
If you want to win Kizkoins completely free this category is for you, simply go to then click on categories and tags once there look in the large selection of categories that we have the Score And Archievements category and then have fun, we hope you have a good time here at kiz10.


What are Scores And Achievements Games?

Scores And Achievements - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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