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Here in the retro games category you can find several classic games which are available for consoles of an older generation, if you liked the games that appeared on consoles such as: ATARI, NINTENDO, NEO GEO, ETC in addition to having great old titles which They will mark the childhood of many, once you know what the whole category is about, you can start playing to be able to feel what your parents felt when grabbing a console for the first time, if you want to play old titles or that are no longer easily found in consoles now this is your category.

SPACE INVADERS ONLINE: in this game which is an adaptation with better graphics, in the menu we can find the game settings which will allow us to adjust if we want to hear the sound or want to turn it off to be able to play without any kind of distraction in order to be able to concentrate only on the game, once we have configured everything necessary to play we can start playing correctly, press PLAY to start playing, once PLAY is pressed we will begin to control the ship which will have to eliminate all the aliens which will try to get to the earth by slowly descending, once we have control over the ship we will have to avoid this so we will have to shoot the aliens so that they explode and move away slowly, we will have to shoot using the left click of the mouse to start shooting the aliens, remember that you will have shields which can be r useful for cases where we are with too many shots, the aliens will be moving slowly from left to right to avoid your shots but this will not be enough since we can also move with A to move to the left and with D to move towards the right.
If you like classic ATARI games like the classic Space Invaders, this game will surely fascinate you.

POKEMON DIABOUND: in this incredible pokemon game we will wait with a cinematic which will show us a fight between two pokemon, after that great fight we can see the pokemon protagonist of this story, once the cinematic ends we can start playing by pressing the key that we have configured with START, once we give START we will see the game controls explained through images, the buttons will be explained in order of importance so the most important thing will be up and the casual will be down, we can see the controls where they will show us the buttons of the game plus their functionality throughout the game, we will see several buttons which will help us throughout this adventure that we are about to start, in the world you can choose who you are when you start, you will start a great adventure in which you He will be the hero, talk to people and review everything you can while you are in a city, caves, etc. After this motivating message we must speak with him. Dr. OAK to configure our character, first he would greet us as a guest, Dr. OAK later introduced us to CUBONE and told us that the earth is not only inhabited by humans but that there are also creatures called POKEMONS which will follow our friends in this adventure, once we answer the question of YOU ARE A MAN OR A WOMAN we can start to give it a name, ARE YOU READY TO START THIS ADVENTURE?

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