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In this category you can find different games in which you will have to run and be the first of all, most of these games will be races so we will need a lot of concentration when running, most of these games are also available on devices mobiles, ipad, iphone and android in this kind of games the majority will be about competitions and races in which the fastest will be the winner, these games will be more with an animated style than realistic since we will have well-known characters in this fun category In addition to that here we can compete with our friends to find out who is the best in video games.

Best Run Race3D Games
Run Race 3D: once we start playing we will see a completely green background and in the middle of the screen will be the title of the game which will be RUN RACE 3D and will be decorated with wings, once we are there we have to press play to be able to play, when we press play they will show us all the levels available so far so if you have already played this game and you are coming back you can start from what you left, once you choose your level we will start to play, each level will have different paths and shortcuts so that we will have to think very carefully about where we should jump and when since the opponents will be controlled by the machine and it will always try to be one step ahead of us, in addition to being a game of mobile devices, this game was a bit popular thanks to its version in the google playstore that had a few improvements in the animation, in total there will be 4 opponents and although you lose and stay in third place you can go to the next level, I will We see several different race tracks as we complete the levels so we hope you have fun with this fun racing game.

Talking Tom Gold Run: when our protagonist Tom the favorite cat of all was in the middle of the street enjoying his day, a forgone crashes crashes and when we decide to see what is happening it turns out that they are stealing gold from the bank so it will be ours We must chase the thief, that's when we will start our adventure, we will have to move from one side to the other to avoid that trains, stops and among other objects harm us when it comes to capturing the thief, while we try to reach the thief at this point. gold bars will be falling which we can use later to buy items in the store, once there we can buy several new characters and we can improve the items that help us advance when we are in a game, avoid crashing into trains which will go in the opposite direction, remember to follow the gold bars to reach the thief since he will move from city to city to try to escape from us, we can go to the p laya, a forest which will be full of trees and the city when it is night, once you reach the thief you will have to hit it by clicking on the screen until it runs out, if you like RUN games and you like the much-loved franchise from Talking Tom this game is going to love you.

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