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In this category you can find several multiplayer games in which you can face various players in the world who will try to beat you every minute, so you will always have to be careful that no person manages to beat you, for this you will have to increase your score by playing the games. in which you are the best, in this category you can also find games which will need a connection to WI-FI to be able to work, in these games you will be able to play against other players which will have the same level as you also here you will be able to face your friend Since there will also be 2-player games in which we and a partner can start, here there will be several very fun games which will almost always be made with the FLASH O UNITY graphics engine so you don't have to worry if you don't have a computer too powerful as these games will run equally.

SPINNER.IO:in this game we will start on a loading screen in which we can see an object spinning non-stop with rainbow colors, after it loads we can press PLAY to start playing, once we are in the game menu we can see several buttons which will help us to configure the game, if we press the SETTINGS button we will be able to open the configuration in which we will be able to see various options for us, first we will be able to configure the sound effects and the music, in addition to which we will be able to adjust the vibration If we are playing from mobile, we can click on a button called HELP which will show us the controls and the game mechanics, we will have several rules which we will not be able to break because the game will take us out and penalize us, the objective of the game will be to stay in the first place so that we can be the only ones standing, to eliminate our adversaries we will have to throw them out of the cymbal which will have very little space Io, for this we will have to make ourselves slowly to collide with them and thus be able to throw them away from the sand, we will have several maps which will have their own roads or ramps to survive, each map will have the same space the only thing that changes is that it may ramps appear which would help us to fly through the air and confuse our enemy, the game will match us with other people who will also be looking for a good challenge and will be looking to be number 1 in the whole game, but you will have to avoid it, Every time you finish a level you will be awarded a certain number of trophies and stars in order to be able to buy more skins for our GYRO, we can find several skins which will have different prices, each raising the prices from the lowest to the most expensive, but if you are new you can use 3 skins which will be only for you for 3 days then you will have to buy them if you want.

LUDO GAMES ONLINE WITH FRIENDS: in this video game based on the popular board game of the same name, we will have to be the first to put our pawns in the correct color in order to win the game, in this game it will be based more on luck That in anything else, since it depends on the number that we take on the dice in order to win the game, you will have to be very lucky since the number of dice you get could mean your victory or defeat, you will have to think very carefully about which pawn to move first or take all of them but take a little longer since you can choose if you want to take a pawn or you want to continue with only one, the enemies will try to reach their respective color first, so you will have to plan a strategy to get First remember that to win you will have to take your four pawns so that they can all be in the same color, a game that if you are a fan of strategy games you will love this.

We have several games for you so why don't you discover as many as you can, we hope you have a lot of fun with us and don't forget to have a good time here on kiz10.


What are Multiplayer Games?

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