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What are Action Games ??

Action video games are games in which we will have to advance or fight with different enemies as we complete the adventure of the story of our main character,
either with weapons, punching, flying, using powers, etc.

What makes a video game an action game?

In part what makes a video game an action game is that we will have to be constantly attentive to enemies and things that come before us.
An example is the shooting games or better known as (Shooters) that focus on shootings between two sides.

Another example would be the Battle Royale, since in this kind of games we will have to be the only ones that come out alive from a certain number of people (the number of people depends on the game).
therefore we will have to be vigilant and very focused in order to win the game.

In this video game class we will also have to cooperate with our team so that we can achieve victory without suffering any casualties.
Action games from this era are more focused on shooting realism and team attacks.

Action games are not only based on battles with weapons, but you can also have good action games as demonstrated by us. A game called CUPHEAD which was a success and showed us that not all the time we need realism to have fun in a video game. .

Action videogames history.

It was the year of 1993 the video games of that time were very for children, nintendo led sales in the market while other games that did not have the nintendo brand were not purchased
and they were completely forgotten, but things would take a turn because that year DOOM premiered a 16bit shooting video game that was not only a jump for the time but was also one of the only games that showed blood, the game consisted of go ahead and shoot and be careful that the monsters do not approach you.
From here many companies would use the same technique of game of advance and shoot the one that later would be named as FPS or (Firts Person Shooter) and the rest, well it is history.

The Best Action Games.
1.Half Life: The valve company would launch one of its best installments on November 19, 1998, with which it would break all kinds of records, being nominated for best entertainment product, in addition
being one of the most beloved sagas by fans, valve, seeing the great success of the first installment, decides to release half life 2 and half life 2 chapter 2 games that also broke several records, after a long time valve finally deigned to bring out the third installment that rather worked as a prequel called half life alix which was an VR game (VIRTUAL REALITY) in which we controlled the protagonist through our movements.

2.Grand theft auto (SAGA): Rockstar Games would triumph with its GTA games since by then the open free world was a dream.

3.Counter Strike Global Offensive: the valve company in 2012 would release a remastering of its star game that was a success in its time, CS: GO was a critically acclaimed title for its new improved graphics and new ways to get weapons by opening boxes.Funny fact: (CS: GO is the most played and active player game on the steam platform).

4.Bioshock: 2K games company knew how to surprise us in 2007 with bioshock a game in which you will not only depend on your weapons but also on your powers that you will have throughout history.

5. Dark Souls (1,2 and 3): on September 22, 2011 history would be made since that year one of the most popular games in the history of video games would be released, Dark souls had a theme
 based on the medieval era but implemented with magic, not only that but the game ambien revolutionized with its styles of attacks, history, worlds and much more, in addition to the game being
popular for its difficulty, since in those times the internet was just beginning, so we had to discover everything on our own.

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What are Action Games?

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