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Stick Games

What are StickGames?
The games in the category of Stickgames are games that are made with Flash in addition to having Stickmans as protagonists which we can control to help them complete their adventures, this kind of games are very simple but fun for which we can play on any computer without any problem.

Games in the category Stick Games
Toilet Rush 2: in this platform-style game we will have to help a boy get to the bathroom so that he can relieve himself, use the directional arrows to move your character and thus help him get to the toilet, the game will have a level of Difficulty greater than its second part, once the level begins we will have to hurry before the barrier reaches zero.
There will be different obstacles on the way, as sometimes a person may appear who will try to remove the place in the toilet, we will have to be fast when it comes to running since sometimes there will be no time to think about our next movement since it will move very fast In addition, the game is usually a bit troll since if we stagnate at one level the game will start to tell us that we should improve and other things, the game is also available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.

Stickman Swing: in this game we will have to advance by hanging on sticks which will be in the middle of the path, click with your left click to hold on to one of these, keep to be swinging and thus be able to continue advancing, remember to hold you as strong as you can since you never know if there will be a cane near you, you will have to be very careful because if you fail to grab a cane it could mean that you have to start from the beginning losing all your progress, think very well where and when to throw your web, every certain levels completed we can claim a skin in the store which can give our character a new style of pose when crossing the goal, the game is very fun and addictive and the best thing is that it is also available for mobile devices both ipad, iphone and android , a game which will ask for a lot of concentration but that will not take away from the fun.

Quarantine Rush: in this game our only objective will be to try to save as many people as possible from the streets, prevent people from becoming infected with a new virus that is on the streets, click on people to take them to your house, you can use Special objects such as medicines which will heal already infected people in order to recover them and make them human, prevent the death count from reaching 100 because if it does the game will end and your points will stay where you left off, try to predict the movements of citizens to capture them, the game will be a little difficult at first since we will see many things we will not know what such things do, but over time you will adapt to help more people, every time an infected appears they will look for people To infect them, this strategy game will ask you for high concentration so you should not neglect for a second, this game is also available for mobile devices it, ipad, iphone and android.

Swingin Reswung: in this game created with the Unity graphics engine which gives it a bit of realism when it comes to throwing the web or moving, in addition to giving a bit of realism to the effects of fire, moving nuts, saws and other things, to swing you press Left click to grab a spider web with your hand, once the game has started we will have to point to a place to be able to swing you, use X to make the rope longer and use z to make the rope shorter, you have To get as far as possible, if you want to return to the menu press m, the game has a very advanced difficulty to be a stickman game since in this game you will have to hold the left cilck all the time to not let go, if you like the games that are very difficult this game you are going to love.

Stick Games on kiz10.
If you want to play more games that are Stickman style, simply go to in your search engine, press Categories and Tags and search for Stick Games you will also be able to see other categories that interest you, we hope you have fun with us here on kiz10 and not forget to smile.


What are Stick Games?

Stick - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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