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What does Skill mean?

Skills or Skill means having skills or being very good, a skill game is a game which the result will be mainly determined by mental or physical ability and we will not be able to depend on luck, in this category most games will be based on series animated or other things like that if you like games that have to think about your next move this category in for you.

Best Games from the Skill Games category
Super Blocky Race: in this game we will start in the menu seeing how in the background there will be a car racing track which will have a very nice clear sky, once the title of the game is shown we can press play to start playing, once you demos play we can start playing, when we press we will have to choose which will be our driver and our car, each car will have its own speed level, nitro etc, as we are just starting we will have to start with a character which will have the most normal car of all the characters, the characters will be unlocked by buying them with gold which we can win if we see ads or do other things the game will start showing us the controls with which we can move our main character we will have to press the directional arrows to be able to move freely all over the stage, if we press shift we will activate the nitro which will make our car go faster than normal, once When the race begins we can see how we will have details such as how to see at what speed we are on the speedometer, etc. When we start the race we will see how the 3D world moves around us, once all the traffic light count is over our car will begin to move automatically, remember that you will have to stop from time to time since our car will go as fast as possible, once we are there we will have to avoid the different cars that will go through all the place which if we collided with them our glass It will break and our car stops for a moment, but after that we will continue advancing, you will have to turn around the curves, because if you could not leave the map or worse, collide with someone on a map, the car will advance, increasing the barrier. turbo which will give us a little bit of speed, if we lose we can see how much the score we made and we will see what our best score is, once we give NEXT it will send us d Back to the main page of the level so that we can try it again see the level and thus be able to win, if you like 3D racing games in which you will have to control the controls very well and much more. The game is available for devices ipad, iphone and android phones.

Color Element: when starting the game we will see how we will have a menu the caul will have many colors moving while at the same time we can see how stars fall to the bottom of the screen, we can press several buttons, if we press the button with a musical sign it will go out or activate the sound depends on how you have the sound, once we press play we will start the game, in this game we will have to control a ball which must go through different geometric figures which will have colors that will move in its surroundings, it depends on the color you have you will have to move jumping and going through these, the game will need precision and agility to know when to touch the mouse and when not, if you collide with another color your ball will be destroyed and you will automatically lose the game, once Now you can pass a figure, you will have to grab a ball which will automatically change color, damaging us in some cases, every time we collect a ball will give us 5 stars which can be used in the game store which will be on the menu, the game has a very nice color aesthetic and we will have some fun moments when trying to pass this game, the game is also available on mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.

Skill Games at kiz10
here at kiz10 we will have several games which you can demonstrate your skills if you want to play these simply go to and click on categories and tags and look for the category that is most to your liking in this case Skill Games, we hope you have fun with us here at kiz10 and don't forget to smile.


What are Skill Games?

Skill - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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