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platform games are games that are characterized by that we will have to run, jump, climb among many more actions to reach our goal that will almost always be our love, the games contain platforms and cliffs which will be obstacles that we must pass in order to reach our goal, while we collect objects to spend in stores within the game, this kind of games is one of the most popular genres in the world of video games, since it started its rage in the 1980s and continues to be one Of the most played genreos to date, there would be several platform-style games, but obviously the game that stood out among all these was nothing more and nothing less than SUPER MARIO BROS, which would be one of the best-selling games is its time in addition to be one of the most beloved games by all nintendo fans, later we would see other games like MEGA MAN, CONTRA, AND MANY OTHER MORE, which were games that they marked the childhood of many.

SQUARE BIRDS: in this game we will start with a bird with a square shape which will be sucking something that we still do not know what it is, once we give PLAY we can start playing this great and fun game, first they will tell us that we will have to click on the screen, having said this we can start playing, after continuing to crawl all the way we can see how an elevation will prevent us from continuing to crawl slowly to continue playing, when we are near that elevation we will have to click so that we can get on a block that will have been magically created and we can pass that elevation without any problem, as we move forward, more and more elevations will appear with the passing of the levels, up in the middle we can see how much time is left for us to reach the goal and So we can finish the level, every time we go through an elevation we will get points which will help us to overcome ourselves if we want to be the better in this game, once we have finished a level we can see how in the background there will be a moving mill while the chick will be happy because it will have arrived at the barn, after clicking the screen we can choose if we want to continue playing or want to buy us something that is in the store, in the store we can buy several skins for our character which will be unlocked with coins which we can collect by advancing and completing the levels, or we can choose to have the game randomly choose a skins in order to put a little more mystery when buying a skin, if you like fun games and with a pretty cute character design, this game will delight you.

POCKET HOCKEY: in this game we will start directly on the game field while we see how a button will tell us to touch the screen to start playing, after all this we will have to click on the screen so that the hockey puck moves directly towards the arc, once it enters the arc we will have to click on the screen so that the game disk is quickly thrown towards where we are aiming the further we go the more obstacles will get in our way since the second and third levels will be easy but from the Fourth they will add a barrier which will move from one side to the other trying to spoil all the score we have achieved so far, each time we get a score the more it bounces and reaches the goal better since that way we will get more score and we can break our record previous which will show us when losing a game, after we have lost we can return to the game menu in which we can configure ure if we want to deactivate or activate the sound of the game which could bother us if we want to focus only on the game, this game is very fun as well as addictive so if you are a fan of this class of games this one you will surely love it.

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